Teen Suspect Arrested in Double-Murder of 2 High School Students

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Authorities successful North Carolina arrested a 17-year-old fishy successful transportation to the treble murder of 2 precocious schoolhouse students who went missing successful mid-September.

The bodies of Lyric Woods, 14, and Devin Clark, 18, were located on a hiking way adjacent Buckhorn Road successful Orange County connected Sept. 18, according to a press release posted connected Facebook by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Now, astir 2 weeks later, officials announced that a juvenile, whose sanction is not yet revealed, was taken into custody successful the high-profile homicide case.

“We anticipation this apprehension provides immoderate alleviation to the families and friends of Devin and Lyric, who person experienced an excruciating loss,” Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood said successful a statement.

“Obviously, the seizure of the fishy does not reconstruct their loved 1 to them,” helium added. “The grieving process is simply a agelong one, and we anticipation the assemblage volition proceed to enactment them successful their pain.”

Officials said the bodies of the 2 teenagers were discovered astir 3 p.m. by 2 men riding four-wheelers astir a time aft the families of the victims reported their children missing.

Laws Regarding Juvenile Confidentiality

Blackwood addressed the deficiency of accusation astir the fishy successful the statement, explaining that members of the sheriff’s bureau are prohibited from sharing circumstantial details astir the case—including the sanction of the suspect, the determination of the arrest, and which serviceman arrested the individual.

“We recognize our assemblage is bare for accusation to assistance process this tragedy; however, the laws regarding juvenile confidentiality are ironclad,” Blackwood said. “We person nary quality to acceptable them aside, adjacent fixed the heightened involvement successful this case.”

Under North Carolina law, radical aged 16 and 17 who are being accused of crimes are nary longer automatically charged successful the big transgression justness strategy nether the “Raise the Age” bill that was passed successful December 2019.

The juvenile tribunal process is antithetic successful each county, but NCCU instrumentality prof Irving Joyner told ABC11 he doubts the lawsuit volition stay successful juvenile tribunal owed to the severity of the offense.

“Here you’re talking astir 2 counts of first-degree murder. And it is precise antithetic and precise rare, that a lawsuit of this magnitude stays successful juvenile court,” Joyner said.

“It is simply a precise superior accusation precise superior prosecution,” he continued. “So some sides of the comb volition privation to guarantee that each of the ineligible steps are decently navigated through, specified that the rights of the fishy are protected, arsenic good arsenic the enactment of instrumentality enforcement successful gathering this accusation that volition past yet beryllium utilized for the prosecution astatine a trial. So you, you can’t unreserved it.”

Authorities haven’t disclosed the details astir the shooting, including a imaginable motive.

On Sept. 20, investigators charged the 17-year-old fishy with 2 counts of first-degree execution successful the deaths of Woods and Clark, though nary ceremonial charges person been pressed yet owed to the state’s judicial system.

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