Tennessee Think Tank Charts Federal Relief Funds Incentivizing Hospital Treatment Protocols for COVID-19

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A deliberation vessel successful Tennessee is charting national COVID-19 alleviation funds successful an probe into what is driving arguable attraction protocols for COVID-19 successful wellness care.

The TN Liberty Network (TLN), an autarkic enactment started by AJ DePriest and comprised of 28 researchers who unrecorded successful Tennessee, has released respective papers examining however lucrative payoffs from the national authorities whitethorn person influenced antecedently trusted aesculapian institutions to speech their Hippocratic oath for a darker agenda.

“Over a cardinal radical are reported to person died from COVID successful hospitals,” DePriest told The Epoch Times. “But they didn’t dice from COVID; they died from the infirmary protocols.”

In its astir caller report: “Follow the Money: Blood Money successful U.S. Healthcare Financial Incentives: The Use of ‘Covered Countermeasures,’” TLN examines however fiscal incentives person fueled infirmary attraction protocols for COVID-19 that TLN said person done much harm than good.

The afloat study tin beryllium found here.

“We started looking astatine wealth coming successful from the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act due to the fact that that’s wherever we had been progressive successful advocating for radical whose loved ones oregon themselves were being kidnapped and isolated successful hospitals,” DePriest said. “We wanted to cognize wherefore this was happening due to the fact that we were seeing excessively galore commonalities successful each of the stories we were hearing.”

TLN formed The Adam Group to advocator for patients successful hospitals being treated with protocols handed down by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“We called it The Adam Group due to the fact that the archetypal idiosyncratic we tried to assistance was a antheral named Adam Rodriguez who was a young begetter of three, and the infirmary present murdered him,” DePriest said. “It was a horrific experience.”

The Adam Group has a 100 percent endurance complaint for radical with COVID that it keeps retired of the hospital, DePriest said.

‘Death Protocols’

Some person called them the “Death Protocols,” which typically statesman with the usage of the antiviral cause remdesivir without informed consent, being enactment connected a BiPap instrumentality astatine a complaint that damages the lungs, and being kept malnourished and sedated.

Ultimately, the diligent is intubated and dies, according to statements from families.

A 2019 study published successful the New England Journal of Medicine recovered remdesivir to beryllium the slightest effectual and deadliest cause successful a proceedings of Ebola patients. It was suspended aft 53 percent of the patients who took the cause died.

It was the archetypal cause approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to dainty COVID-19.

On its reasoning for approving a cause that is known to person antagonistic broadside effects, the FDA didn’t instantly respond to The Epoch Times’ petition for comment.

By mid-2022, galore radical had reported to The Epoch Times the deaths of household members successful federally funded hospitals.

If the diligent is unvaccinated, a caller signifier of favoritism commences connected the behalf of infirmary staff, families person reported.

Drugs specified arsenic monoclonal antibodies are not made available, and unit archer families that they are required to travel protocols from which they can’t deviate.

“We looked astatine however trillions came retired of the CARES Act and went into antithetic agencies, starting with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and past flowing down into the NIH, CDC, and the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services),” DePriest said.

According to the report, HHS distributed $30 cardinal of the CARES Act wealth to hospitals based connected Medicare revenue, not the fig of COVID cases successful each state.

The COVID alleviation funds are a “blood-price” for strict compliance to requirements dictated by the NIH, the study states.

“American hospitals are making wealth disconnected Covid diagnoses and deadly attraction protocols, and they are immune from each liability if they employment deadly protocols recommended by the CDC and the NIH,” the study states. “Therefore, hospitals archer patients and their families determination is only one attraction protocol disposable for Covid. No different ‘off-label’ treatments, contempt their effectiveness and safety, wage dividends for each patient. No different attraction offers immunity from liability successful lawsuit of wounded oregon death. Since aboriginal 2020, ‘covered countermeasures’ are the hospitals’ rule—no exceptions.”

The CDC and NIH didn’t instantly respond to The Epoch Times’ petition for comment.

Patient’s Bill of Rights Waived

When patients participate the hospitals, they go prisoners, isolated from families, the study states.

“Hospitals disregard powers of lawyer and explicit written and verbal insistences from patients and families not to administer decision-altering sedatives and deadly Remdesivir and not to enactment patients connected ventilators,” the study states.

Under the Public Health Emergency (PHE) deployed during erstwhile President Donald Trump’s medication successful 2020 and perpetuated by President Joe Biden, patients’ rights are waived nether the CMS COVID waiver program in conjunction with the PREP (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness) and CARES Act, giving hospitals ineligible immunity.

TLN’s adjacent insubstantial is specifically connected the CMS’s waiver program, DePriest said.

“They person a agelong database of waivers that CMS issued to hospitals that let hospitals to interruption patients’ rights,” DePriest said.

The waiver allows hospitals to region the patients’ measure of rights from their website, she said.

These bills enactment rights specified arsenic the close to respect, the close to informed consent, and the close to garbage treatment.

“It would person been unheard of earlier COVID to archer radical that they don’t person a close to a diligent measure of rights,” she said.

“There is besides a waiver that allows patients to beryllium near unsocial for up to 48 hours without immoderate idiosyncratic care, including nutrient and water,” she said. “We’ve gotten truthful galore complaints and pictures of patients lying successful their ain feces for up to 2 days due to the fact that nurses conscionable fto them alone, and they’re allowed to bash this due to the fact that the CMS waiver states that due to the fact that COVID is simply a drain connected resources, the requirements to cheque connected patients wrong the accustomed regulated standards are waived.”

Another waiver allows hospitals to person physicians who aren’t licensed successful the infirmary wherever they are practicing, physicians who person expired licenses, and physicians from different countries, she said.

CMS didn’t instantly respond to The Epoch Times’ petition for comment.

‘Covered Countermeasures’

The PREP Act, which volition beryllium the taxable of different TLN paper, provides full liability to physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics that supply “covered countermeasures” that autumn successful enactment with the NIH protocols, she said.

“If they usage these protocols, they can’t beryllium sued for immoderate reason, including wounded and death,” DePriest said.  “And the PREP Act stays successful effect until the PHE ends.”

Patients and families person reported being told by physicians, nurses, and administrators that they are required to travel the protocol; however, TLN reported that this isn’t close due to the fact that the protocols are optional.

Pleas to usage alternate therapeutics similar ivermectin and vitamins recommended by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance person been ignored by doctors who state their ineffectiveness and however they aren’t a portion of the protocol; however, erstwhile those therapeutics are utilized to dainty radical astatine home, they survive.

“You don’t perceive astir radical dying from COVID astatine home,” DePriest said.

The NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines (pdf) authorities that its recommendations for treatments specified arsenic remdesivir “should not beryllium considered mandates,” the study highlights.

“Even though hospitals archer patients and families they are bound to strict protocols dictated by the CDC and NIH, it seems they are lone bound to those protocols that reimburse the most,” the study states.

Hospitals aren’t reimbursed if they usage ivermectin connected patients; however, they’re incentivized “to vaccinate, test, diagnose, and admit Covid patients and study Covid-related deaths utilizing add-on bonuses to usage treatments specified arsenic Remdesivir, dialysis, ventilators, and caller ‘covered countermeasures’ approved for Covid.”

According to the report, remdesivir, besides known by its marque sanction arsenic Veklury, topped infirmary cause spending successful 2021, with Gilead, the cause institution that makes remdesivir, earning $4.2 cardinal successful income successful the archetypal 9 months.

Veklury’s mean in-hospital terms is $2,400 to $3,200, which the study states is simply a wide fiscal inducement for a infirmary to administer the drug.

CMS established assorted systems that supply layers of bonuses to each COVID patient’s infirmary measure to promote the usage of remdesivir and different exigency usage authorization-approved, high-cost, patented medications, the study states.

‘It Drives Everything’

What makes each of this imaginable is the perpetuation of the PHE, DePriest said.

“That’s the crux of each azygous occupation we’re having successful America close present that’s connected to COVID,” DePriest said. “The wealth flowing done these antithetic agencies is carrying retired a tyranny that is perpetuated by this national level nationalist wellness emergency.”

Despite Biden’s announcement successful September that the pandemic is over, the PHE remains successful place, DePriest said.

“It’s driving everything,” she said.

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