Terence: The Man Who Invented Design by Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity review – a life and times of the king of style

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When Terence Conran died successful September 2020 his erstwhile worker and person Stephen Bayley wrote an obituary for the Guardian that was waspish but besides fond and funny, decently acknowledging his erstwhile brag arsenic a revolutionary successful sensation and design. To postwar British homes that were 50 shades of bittersweet and brown, Conran brought a verve and colour, and persuaded radical to deliberation astir objects – a vino glass, a sofa, a rug, a crockery vessel – arsenic thing beauteous arsenic good arsenic useful. Britain was a better-looking spot due to the fact that of him. Later, helium opened a bid of restaurants that transformed London eating successful the 1990s and became astir emblematic of fin-de-siècle prosperity.

That obituary expresses successful astir 3,000 words what Terence incontinently splurges implicit 300 pages. Bayley has a co-author successful advertisement antheral Roger Mavity to proviso a featherbed of reminiscences of his clip arsenic Conran’s CEO – helium seems grateful simply to person breathed the aforesaid aerial arsenic “Terence” – but it’s fundamentally Bayley’s project, with his initials hovering beneath astir of the section headings. Bayley confesses his indebtedness to Conran, who catapulted him from obscurity astatine “a provincial university” into a glamorous beingness of expense-account lunches, good wine, caller flowers, Cuban cigars – the 1980s, successful short. And, similar truthful galore fixed a leg-up, the protege has ne'er truly forgiven his mentor.

His publication makes for a unusual substance of sentimental respect and cold-eyed score-settling. On leafage 1 helium calls Conran “a mean-spirited, selfish bastard”; connected leafage 3 helium admits that fewer person made specified a quality to “British worldly beingness successful the past 60 years”. It is alternatively similar watching a antheral angrily shaking his fist portion incapable to get up disconnected his knees. It surely tells america arsenic overmuch astir Bayley’s property arsenic it does his subject’s. When helium points out, for instance, that Conran could lone spot retired of 1 eye, pursuing a store accident, helium adds “but that azygous oculus was a very, precise bully one”. Fair enough. So wherefore does helium consciousness driven to support making ironic jibes astir his “monocular” imaginativeness and his “single oculus for a bargain” (where presumably helium meant “singular”)? Does helium fancy himself arsenic Odysseus, righteously slaying the Cyclops whose brooding captive helium has been for truthful long?

Conran and Stephen Bayley astatine  a enactment      successful  London successful  2012.
Conran and Stephen Bayley astatine a enactment successful London successful 2012. Photograph: Nick Harvey/WireImage

The shame of it is that Conran’s communicative is interesting, and would transportation immoderate authorization present if Bayley could defy his retrospective one-upmanship. I was absorbed by the fledgling years, by the suburban lad (born Esher, 1931) who came to London arsenic a furniture-maker and acceptable up a fund edifice adjacent Charing Cross helium called The Soup Kitchen (out went Brown Windsor, successful came vichyssoise, split-pea and minestrone). I knew thing of his life-changing “grand tour” of France successful Michael Wickham’s Lagonda successful the aboriginal 50s, nor that by the property of 32 helium had joined for the 3rd time. And bliss indispensable person been that dawn connected Fulham Road successful 1964 erstwhile helium opened Habitat, a store aimed astatine “young moderns with lively tastes”. I lone felt the reverberations myself 10 years later, connected archetypal clapping eyes connected a duvet, oregon “continental quilt” arsenic we called it – who would fuss with bedding ever again? Conran’s grandiose assertion to person imported it and thereby changed the enactment beingness of Britain was ne'er verified, arsenic Bayley remarks successful an amusing aside, “though the relation of the contraceptive pill and women’s liberation whitethorn person been underestimated”.

When Conran hires Bayley to oversee the Boilerhouse Project astatine the V&A – an accumulation abstraction devoted to plan – their tribunal of 2 is established. You wonderment if the king suspected what troubles his diminutive dauphin mightiness origin him down the line. Their relation thrived initially, however, and successful owed people the Boilerhouse gave mode to the grander ambition of the Design Museum, founded successful what was past the near-derelict Shad Thames. Whose thought was it? Bayley, nary paragon of humility, claims it was his, and that Conran lone paid for it.

Sharing an bureau allows him to get up adjacent – excessively adjacent – to the boss, whose flaws look successful ample size and small, similar his complaining astatine the extravagance of Earl Grey teabags, oregon fretting that each clip the bureau assistance was utilized it outgo 54p. The contradictions of his quality toll with maddening repetition done the book: helium was a generous big and a penny-pincher; a voluptuary and a puritan; a tyrant and a democrat; a promoter of endowment who skimped connected crediting his colleagues.

Conran’s restlessness for the adjacent large thing, astatine the outgo of looking aft what helium already had, was mostly thought to beryllium his downfall. His takeover of British Home Stores successful the mid-1980s was a hopeless mismatch; BHS’s middle-of-the-road merchandise didn’t chime with Conran’s gospel of bully taste. His aureate interaction deserted him, and helium mislaid Habitat. After different concern business failed, helium mislaid the restaurants, too. His differences with Bayley had to beryllium resolved by a lawyer’s letter, and the brace didn’t talk again for years.

The repetitious communicative becomes rather a grind. A bully exertion could person made this publication fractional the magnitude and doubly arsenic entertaining. Bayley begins to upwind up matters astir leafage 263, past fills different 50 with a conclusion, 2 “epilogues” and the reprinted obituary. It seems helium conscionable can’t carnivore to fto the aged devil go.