Tesla Driver Killed in Fiery Crash Hit 90 mph, Report Says

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—The Tesla operator who died with a rider successful a fiery September crash adjacent Miami accelerated to 90 mph (145 kph) successful the seconds earlier helium mislaid power and smashed into trees, national investigators said Wednesday—a decision disputed by the lawyer representing the driver’s family.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said successful a preliminary study that the 20-year-old operator accelerated his 2021 Model 3 sedan arsenic helium crossed a Coral Gables intersection to bushed a yellowish airy connected a residential street, his velocity tripling the 30 mph (49 kph) limit.

The operator mislaid power arsenic helium cleared the intersection and veered near onto the median, wherever the Tesla glanced disconnected 1 ample histrion earlier before smashing its passenger’s broadside doorway into a second, the NTSB said. He ne'er deed the brake, the study said, citing 5 seconds of information recovered from the car’s severely damaged lawsuit recorder.

The Sept. 13 clang damaged the Tesla’s high-voltage lithium-ion artillery and the car erupted into flames, sidesplitting the operator and his 19-year-old pistillate passenger.

Aaron Davis, the lawyer representing the driver’s family, said a video taken from down the Tesla does not look to amusement it accelerating astatine an excessive speed. He said the video shows the car bottoming out, turning successful a mode that can’t beryllium attributed to the operator and losing a tyre earlier striking the trees and exploding. He declined to merchandise the video, but said it has been shared with the NTSB.

He said adjacent if the operator was going 90 mph (145 kph), the car should not person mislaid power oregon erupted successful a fireball similar it did, putting the blasted for the deaths connected Tesla, which advertises its cars’ acceleration. He expects a suit volition beryllium filed.

“You cannot marketplace a car for its velocity and its coolness and past blasted the operator for doing the happening you are marketing,” Davis said.

Police person not released the victims’ names and Davis declined, but said some were section assemblage students. He said the operator “did not person a important history” of speeding oregon postulation violations and that the Tesla was his “dream car.”

Tesla did not respond to an email petition Wednesday seeking comment.

The institution recalled astir 2,800 Model 3s past month, including immoderate from the 2021 exemplary year, due to the fact that of problems with the cars’ suspension that could pb to the operator losing power and crashing. The NTSB study does not accidental if the clang conveyance was covered by the recall.

Davis said the institution has not released the conveyance recognition numbers, truthful helium does not cognize yet if the car successful this clang was covered. But helium said due to the fact that the car bottomed retired and struck the roadworthy earlier the crash, helium suspects the suspension was faulty.

The NTSB said astatine the clip of the clang it ever investigates immoderate involving caller exertion similar Teslas, and that it would absorption connected the cognition of the conveyance and the fire.

Tesla vehicles bash not usage gasoline that could rise the hazard of a large occurrence aft a crash, but the company’s guidance to archetypal responders includes a informing astir lithium-ion artillery fires. Tesla representatives person said high-speed collisions tin effect successful a occurrence for immoderate benignant of car.

The NTSB volition contented a afloat study and volition find the origin of the clang astatine a aboriginal date. The bureau has wide authorization to analyse proscription crashes, but it has nary regulatory powers. In postulation crashes, it tin lone marque recommendations to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and different regulatory agencies.

Coral Gables constabulary said Wednesday their ain probe remains unfastened and nary study has been issued. The metropolis is located southwest of downtown Miami.

By Terry Spencer and Tom Krisher

The Associated Press


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