Tesla Model S Spontaneously Bursts Into Flames at California Junkyard

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A Tesla Model S spontaneously burst into flames astatine a California junkyard earlier this period and fire crews utilized thousands of gallons of h2o to enactment retired the blaze, the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District said.

In a statement connected Facebook, the occurrence section shared a video and pictures of the electrical conveyance that was progressive successful a large mishap much than a period agone and was acceptable to beryllium dismantled astatine the wrecking yard.

“The conveyance was afloat progressive with occurrence connected accomplishment and took a important magnitude of time, water, and reasoning extracurricular the container to extinguish,” occurrence officials said. “Crews knocked the occurrence down, but the car kept re-igniting and off-gassing successful the artillery compartment.”

Battery-powered vehicles are known to beryllium notoriously hard to woody with erstwhile they drawback fire. While electrical vehicles drawback occurrence little often than gas-powered cars, the usage of lithium-ion batteries means the fires tin pain for longer and beryllium much intense.

Epoch Times Photo The Tesla Model S that spontaneously burst into flames astatine a wrecking gait successful California. (Courtesy of Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department)

The occurrence section worked unneurotic with on-site wrecking gait unit to crook the Tesla connected its broadside successful bid to summation entree to the artillery compartment underneath, but the car would inactive re-ignite from the residual heat.

In the end, responders dug a tiny pit and filled it with water, efficaciously submerging the vehicle’s artillery compartment.

“The pit yet reduced the full magnitude of h2o needed, estimated astatine 4,500 gallons, and constricted the runoff of contaminated water,” officials said. “The conveyance was afloat extinguished, and nary injuries were reported.”

Electric Vehicle Battery Fires

It is uncommon for an electrical conveyance to drawback fire spontaneously portion parked and astir fires travel aft a car accident, though determination person been disturbing experiences reported from owners of battery-powered vehicles whose cars abruptly burst into flames, adjacent portion charging.

Last month, a Vancouver-area operator said helium had to footwear the model of his astir brand-new Tesla Model Y to flight a unsafe conveyance occurrence aft the car lost powerfulness and trapped him inside.

Jamil Jutha was driving toward Mountain Highway successful North Vancouver, Canada, connected May 20 erstwhile the Model Y that helium bought astir 8 months agone abruptly unopen down, Vancouver-based CTV News reported.

As the compartment of the car started to capable with toxic smoke, Jutha said helium wasn’t capable to unfastened the doors of the conveyance and began to panic. In bid to escape, the antheral decided to interruption his mode retired of the car by kicking retired the driver-side window.

If a Tesla’s powerfulness shuts down, determination is simply a manual merchandise to unfastened the doors from the wrong by lifting a mechanical merchandise grip adjacent the model switches.

“There is simply a manual release, but successful the vigor of the incident, that wasn’t intuitive to him and helium kicked the model retired and was capable to flight and wrong a mates of minutes the conveyance did go afloat engulfed successful fire,” Brian Hutchinson, the main firefighter of the District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, told the Daily Hive Vancouver quality portal.

Hutchinson noted that Jutha is precise fortunate to person “the wherewithal and the strength” to interruption the model out, adding that investigators took power of the conveyance to find the origin of the blaze.

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