Tesla Temporarily Pulls Its New Full Self-Driving Beta Software Due to ‘Issues’: Elon Musk

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Electric car shaper Tesla has pulled backmost connected the latest mentation of its afloat self-driving (FSD) beta bundle conscionable 1 time aft it was released, Chief Executive Elon Musk announced connected Sunday.

Tesla released its 10.3 FSD update to drivers connected Saturday nighttime and Sunday greeting on with a database of merchandise notes. The database mentions changes specified arsenic added FSD profiles that let drivers to power behaviour similar rolling stops oregon exiting passing lanes, on with improved static obstacle control, improved creeping speed, and reduced mendacious slowdowns.

Tesla tracks information from its cars done the Internet. Tesla’s Autopilot strategy uses cameras, radar, and computers to observe objects to automatically brake earlier imaginable collisions.

FSD is an enhanced mentation of Autopilot, allowing the conveyance to alteration lanes, parallel oregon perpendicular parkland itself, and identify postulation lights and halt signs and automatically slow down erstwhile approaching them, among other things, according to Tesla.

But Musk connected Sunday day said the institution was “seeing immoderate issues” and would rotation backmost to mentation 10.2 for now.

“Seeing immoderate issues with 10.3, truthful rolling backmost to 10.2 temporarily,” Musk said successful a Twitter post.

“Please note, this is to beryllium expected with beta software. It is intolerable to trial each hardware configs successful each conditions with interior QA [quality assurance], hence public beta,” helium said.

The CEO did not authorities specifically what the issues were but connected Saturday, 1 time aft announcing the new driving assistance strategy for immoderate Tesla exemplary owners, he wrote connected Twitter that Tesla’s interior prime assurance had recovered problems with immoderate near turns astatine postulation lights.

“Regression successful immoderate near turns astatine postulation lights recovered by interior QA successful 10.3. Fix successful work, astir apt releasing tomorrow, helium said.

The Epoch Times has contacted Tesla for comment.

Several radical connected societal media stated that the latest 10.3 bundle repeatedly provided guardant collision warnings adjacent erstwhile determination was nary contiguous danger, according to The Verge.

Others noted issues specified arsenic a disappearing Autosteer option, postulation alert cruise power (TACC) problems, and occasional Autopilot panic. A fig of Tesla users claimed the update wholly removed the FSD beta capabilities from their vehicles.

This is not the archetypal clip that Tesla has encountered issues with its self-driving updates. Back successful August, Musk admitted that the company’s 9.2 mentation was “actually not great” but noted that the electric car shaper was “rallying to amended arsenic accelerated arsenic possible.”

In that aforesaid month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened a ceremonial probe into Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD systems pursuing astir a twelve crashes with parked exigency vehicles that injured 17 radical and near 1 dead.

According to an NHTSA papers issued connected Aug. 13 (pdf), the agency’s Office of Defects Investigation was probing 765,000 Tesla vehicles—Models Y, X, S, and 3, from exemplary years 2014 to 2021.

The bureau said successful the papers that it had identified 11 crashes successful which assorted Tesla models approached locations wherever exigency crews were responding to incidents and struck 1 oregon much vehicles astatine the scene.

Most of the crashes took spot aft acheronian and progressive scenes wherever archetypal responders utilized flashing lights, flares, an illuminated arrow board, oregon cones informing of hazards. The probe volition see examining the contributing circumstances.

All progressive Tesla vehicles were confirmed to person been engaged successful either Autopilot oregon traffic-aware cruise power arsenic they approached the crashes.

On Aug. 31, that probe was expanded to screen a 12th incidental (pdf).

Tom Ozimek contributed to this report.

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