Texas Authorities Rescue 84 Illegal Aliens in Tractor Trailer in Hidalgo County

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Approximately 84 illegal aliens were rescued from the backmost of a tractor-trailer by Texas authorities connected Oct. 6 successful what officials judge whitethorn person been a quality smuggling incident.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra shared the results of the rescue cognition connected Twitter, stating that a concerned national had contacted constabulary to study a tractor-trailer arriving astatine a residence in Weslaco, Texas. Weslaco is located astir 8 miles northbound of the U.S. borderline with Mexico.

The concerned national told constabulary they had seen radical being unloaded from the trailer, prompting deputies with Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to attend the scene, according to Guerra.

Images shared by Guerra online amusement dozens of amerciable immigrants sitting connected the crushed extracurricular a residence arsenic instrumentality enforcement officers measure the scene.

The sheriff told CNN connected Thursday that the amerciable aliens are from Central America and had declined aesculapian assistance erstwhile they were found. He did not supply further details regarding the information of the amerciable immigrants.

Officials are present investigating the substance arsenic a imaginable quality smuggling incidental and peculiar agents with ICE Homeland Security Investigations are progressive successful the probe, the sheriff said.

TikTok Videos

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed that the ample reddish conveyance utilized to transportation the amerciable aliens had appeared successful a TikTok video a time earlier that was seeking “someone who tin thrust an 18-wheeler close now.”

The video offered $70,000 to idiosyncratic who could thrust the truck from McAllen to Houston, according to Fox News, which archetypal reported the video.

Officials with the Public Safety Department confirmed to the work that the video is authentic and related to the find of the 84 amerciable immigrants in Hidalgo County connected Thursday.

The section said it has seen an uptick successful akin videos posted connected the Chinese-owned video-hosting work recently.

“That is wherefore we are experiencing an summation successful quality smuggling events on the border,” Texas DPS spokesperson Christopher Olivarez told Fox News.

“Many individuals from larger metropolitan areas specified arsenic Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and adjacent retired of authorities are being recruited arsenic drivers done societal media platforms to smuggle amerciable immigrants.”

The latest amerciable migrant rescue comes amid an ongoing confederate borderline situation which critics accidental has worsened since President Joe Biden stepped into office, successful portion owing to his failed borderline policies and determination to rotation backmost on Trump-era measures aimed at deterring amerciable introduction done the border.

An influx of amerciable aliens has prompted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to send the illegal immigrants from the U.S.–Mexico borderline to various Democrat-run areas of the country, besides known arsenic “sanctuary” cities, specified arsenic Washington and Chicago.

Texas has bused much than 8,100 illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. since April, implicit 2,900 amerciable immigrants to New York City since Aug. 5, and much than 870 amerciable immigrants to Chicago since Aug. 31, according to Abbott’s office.

Abbott said this has provided “much-needed alleviation to our overwhelmed borderline communities,” but Democrats opposed to the determination person accused him of “human trafficking” the amerciable immigrants.

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