Texas Executes Inmate John Ramirez Who Challenged Prayer, Touch Rules

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Texas death row inmate John Ramirez, who won a ineligible bid to person a preacher by his broadside to execute spiritual rites, was executed connected Wednesday astatine the authorities penitentiary successful Huntsville.

Ramirez was sentenced to decease for the execution of 46-year-old Pablo Castro, who helium robbed of $1.25 and stabbed 29 times astatine a convenience store successful Corpus Christi successful 2004. Ramirez killed Castro during a drug-fueled multiple-day binge, during which helium committed robberies with 2 women.

A lethal dose of pentobarbital was injected into Ramirez connected Wednesday night. Around 14 minutes aboriginal helium was pronounced dead, astatine 6:41 p.m. local time.

In his past statement, Ramirez addressed the relatives of his victim, including 4 of his children, arsenic they watched his execution.

Ramirez acknowledged the efforts the household had made to pass with him via the Victim’s Advocacy programme and told them thing helium could accidental oregon bash would assistance them.

“I person regret and remorse, this is specified a heinous act. I anticipation this finds you comfort. If this helps you, past I americium glad,” helium said. “I anticipation successful immoderate signifier oregon signifier this helps you find closure.”

Ramirez besides gave his emotion to his household and friends, saying helium had “fought a bully fight” and was “ready to go.”

Legal Fight for Prayer, Touching

In a noteworthy ineligible challenge, Ramirez sought to have a pastor successful the chamber, touching him, and praying aloud for him astatine the clip of his execution.

Bryan Collier, enforcement manager of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, tried to forestall this, arguing successful tribunal past twelvemonth that, among different things, the beingness of an outsider successful the execution enclosure posed a information risk.

“That a authorities whitethorn not enforce policies coercing an inmate to bash what his spiritual tenants [sic] forbid does not mean that it indispensable accede to his each spiritual demand,” Collier said successful tribunal filings. “By design, prisons impede inmates’ state to behave arsenic they mightiness wish, which, needfully limits immoderate of their spiritual behavior.”

Collier, who was speaking for Texas, besides argued that Ramirez’s spiritual needs were already being accommodated. He would beryllium allowed to sojourn with his preacher for 4 hours connected the greeting of his execution, and past again for 2 hours successful the afternoon.

But done his attorney, Ramirez argued that Texas was depriving him of his constitutionally protected close to workout his religion, arsenic good arsenic moving afoul of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.

Ramirez’s ineligible situation led to the hold of his execution and others’.

The Supreme Court ruled successful favour of Ramirez successful March. As helium was executed, his pastor said a supplication portion placing his close manus connected Ramirez’s chest.

On Wednesday night, the victim’s son, Aaron Castro, said lone God could justice his father’s killer, the Texas Tribune reported.

“Peace and Love and justness for Pablo G. Castro whitethorn his sanction not beryllium forgotten, and whitethorn God person mercy successful J.H.R. for it is not up to us,” Castro’s connection reads. “He is receiving his existent judgement with our Lord and Savior. The Alpha and Omega, the opening and end. A Life taken distant is not to beryllium celebrated but closure tin decidedly instrumentality place.”

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