Texas Gov. Abbott Orders Education Agency to Investigate Criminal Pornography Activity in Public Schools

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath connected Wednesday to analyse transgression activity involving the availability of pornography successful the state’s nationalist schools, saying the bureau should refer specified instances “for prosecution to the fullest grade of the law.”

In a letter to Morath, the politician noted caller reports that Texas students person been exposed to pornographic books and contented successful nationalist schools crossed the state.

Earlier this week, Abbott told the Texas Association of School Boards that a increasing fig of some students and parents crossed the authorities were becoming increasingly alarmed astir immoderate of the books and different contented recovered successful nationalist schoolhouse libraries that are being deemed inappropriate successful the nationalist acquisition system.

“The beingness of pornography successful schools is not lone inappropriate, but it is besides against the law. In Texas, it is amerciable to supply pornography to anyone nether the property of 18 according to Section 43.24 of the Texas Penal Code,” Abbott wrote successful his missive to Morath.

“The information that pornographic worldly that serves nary acquisition intent has been made disposable to students successful Texas nationalist schools is simply a wide usurpation of the law…While the Texas Association of School Boards has refused to assistance their subordinate schoolhouse boards to code this issue, the State of Texas indispensable enactment for the involvement of Texas students and parents,” the Texas politician said.

“That is wherefore I americium directing the Texas Education Agency to analyse immoderate transgression enactment successful our nationalist schools involving the availability of pornography. During this investigation, I inquire the bureau to notation immoderate lawsuit of pornography being provided to minors nether the property of 18 for prosecution to the fullest grade of the law.”

Abbott added that the authorities has a work to “ensure that nary Texas kid is exposed to pornography oregon obscene contented portion successful a Texas nationalist school,” and that the agency’s probe into specified instances volition “help execute this mission.”

Abbott antecedently directed the Texas Education Agency, the State Board of Education, and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to commencement processing statewide standards that volition assistance curb the beingness of pornographic contented “and different obscene contented successful Texas nationalist schools,” according to the letter.

The contented archetypal came to airy at Keller schoolhouse territory in suburban Fort Worth, aft it announced past week that it had removed a book connected sex identity from its schoolhouse room pursuing complaints by parents that it contained graphic images.

The novel, called “Gender Queer: a Memoir” by Maia Kobabe, contains graphic drawings depicting oral sex. Soon aft it was removed from Texas schools, it was also banned successful a schoolhouse territory successful Florida and challenged astatine schools successful Rhode Island, New Jersey, Ohio, and Washington.

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