Texas Governor Invites Mayors of Washington, New York to US–Mexico Border

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The politician of Texas connected Aug. 1 invited the mayors of Washington and New York City to circuit the U.S.–Mexico borderline with him.

“As Governor, I invitation you to sojourn our borderline portion to spot firsthand the dire concern that lone grows much urgent with each passing day, and to conscionable with the section officials, who similar yourselves, recognize this substance deserves contiguous national action,” Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, wrote to Mayors Muriel Bowser and Eric Adams, some Democrats.

Bowser precocious requested National Guard assistance arsenic the fig of amerciable immigrants successful her metropolis soars, successful portion due to the fact that of buses transporting them from Texas and Arizona connected the bid of Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, besides of the GOP.

Adams, meanwhile, told reporters successful the borough of Manhattan that Abbott and Ducey’s actions “were wrong.”

Both mayors caput alleged sanctuary cities, wherever amerciable aliens are mostly invited to unrecorded and enactment without fearfulness of deportation.

Abbott said successful the caller missive that the involvement from the mayors successful the borderline concern was “a invited development” and asked them not lone to sojourn the border, but to impulse President Joe Biden to unafraid it “and enactment an end to this disastrous crisis.”

“President Biden’s reckless unfastened borderline policies person created a unsafe situation not lone for tens of millions of Texans, but for communities each crossed the nation, including yours. We hold that this situation demands contiguous national enactment to forestall the flood of deadly fentanyl, present the starring origin of decease for Americans ages 18 to 45, the unimaginable horrors caused by quality smuggling and trafficking, the known terrorists from entering our country, and the countless different crimes that person been committed by the hundreds of thousands of ‘gotaways’ that the Biden Administration has fto gaffe through,” Abbott said.

“I look guardant to welcoming you the Texas-Mexico borderline truthful that you tin spot this situation for yourself. Please interaction my bureau to marque question arrangements for your visits,” helium added.

Spokespersons for Bowser and Adams did not instantly respond to requests for comment.

The U.S. Department of Defense confirmed to The Epoch Times successful an email it received Bowser’s petition but that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a Biden appointee, needed to enactment done the details with his squad earlier responding to the mayor’s office.

White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters successful precocious July that the White House has been successful regular connection with Bowser and claimed that Republicans are utilizing immigrants “as a governmental tool.”

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