‘The Bachelorette’: Michelle Tells Jamie Off For ‘Manipulating’ Her & Sends Him Home

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Michelle Young recovered retired that she couldn’t spot Jamie Skaar connected the Nov. 2 occurrence of ‘The Bachelorette,’ and she sent him packing due to the fact that of it.

Last week’s roseate ceremonial play spilled implicit into the Nov. 2 occurrence of The Bachelorette. Although things started retired connected a precocious for Michelle Young this week with a palmy radical day and one-on-one, tensions roseate during the 2nd radical date. Jamie Skaar, who was the root of past week’s drama, was connected the day with a radical of different men.

Jamie had a one-on-one day past week. Afterward, astatine the cocktail party, he told Michelle that a batch of the guys successful the location were speculating that she had a narration with chap contestant, Joe Coleman, earlier coming connected the show. In reality, nary of the guys were truly talking astir that astatine all. In fact, it was Jamie himself who was concerned. Michelle confronted the remainder of the radical astir whether oregon not they trusted her, and they were caught disconnected guard. Jamie ne'er came clean, and the enigma implicit who gossiped to Michelle continued connected the Nov. 2 episode.

michelle yungMichelle Young connected the Nov. 2 occurrence of ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

“I haven’t told the guys, necessarily, that I’m the feline who went and speech to Michelle,” Jamie admitted. “But that’s due to the fact that it doesn’t matter. Frankly, astatine this point…I don’t care. I’m good.” On the radical date, the guys were tasked with telling idiosyncratic stories astir themselves successful a spoken connection poem. Instead, Jamie told a bizarre fictional story, which had immoderate of the guys starting to question what his woody was.

Despite his unusual performance, Jamie was assured going into the after-party. “It’s truly not a contention astatine this point,” Jamie said successful a confessional. “I deliberation it’s been shown that I’m coming successful present with a antithetic mentality than a batch of different people. There’s truly not anyone other worthy of her attention. No 1 other truly matters to me. A batch of guys present are looking for the accidental to beryllium seen, but I consciousness similar her and I pass connected a antithetic level.”

Jamie was over-confident that helium would get the radical day rose, but Michelle gave it to Brandon Jones instead. Needless to say, Jamie was shocked, and helium pulled a shaper speech to vent astir it. “I’m truly competing with Brandon for a woman’s attention?” helium wondered. “You’re telling maine we’re successful the aforesaid league? We’re not adjacent f***ing close. I gotta hold for six weeks to get to the extremity of this? I truly thought it’d beryllium a stronger radical of guys.”

Then, helium turned his attraction from dissing the guys…to dissing Michelle. “My occupation with Michelle close present is I consciousness similar she’s successful outpouring interruption mode,” helium said. “If you genuinely thought your hubby was successful the room, bash you spell into outpouring interruption mode? I’m not going to justice it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t marque amusive of it.”

Michelle Young and Jamie SkaarMichelle Young and Jamie Skaar connected their one-on-one date. (ABC)

At the cocktail party, Rick Leach yet got to the bottommost of who lied to Michelle. First, helium took it upon himself to support the guys successful the location against the enigma man’s accusation. “Whoever came to you with that accusation abut radical questioning your character…that couldn’t person been further from the truth,” helium told her. “I’ve been adjacent with each the guys present — nary of them were ever questioning your character. I consciousness similar that idiosyncratic could’ve done it to effort and gain your spot and effort to up themselves and enactment different radical nether the bus.”

Michelle was shocked, and she admitted to Rick that Jamie was the feline who made the accusations to her. Rick brought this accusation to Nayte Olukoya and Casey Woods, and the 3 of them decided to face Jamie themselves. Jamie stammered done an mentation and got flustered erstwhile Nayte pushed him to stock what helium told Michelle. The speech yet filtered successful with the remainder of the group, with Jamie remaining connected the defense.

When Michelle walked into the room, she noticed the tension, and Jamie tried to explicate his side. Michelle stood her crushed and shared what really happened during their speech — and however she realized that Jamie was manipulating her. “You brought up that 1 of your friends had seen maine successful Minnesota walking with a light-skinned dude,” Michelle explained. “That’s the connection you gave me after saying that radical successful the location were speculating. So erstwhile you enactment those 2 things together, it created the emotions that I came down present and expressed. Why was that portion of accusation [about the antheral I was walking with] added?”

Michelle pulled Jamie extracurricular to talk, and told him she was sending him home. “I consciousness similar our spot was wholly broken,” she said. “This connection that you told maine was not lone not accurate, but this play was created astir my character. You brought up that 2nd communicative — YOU enactment that retired there, Jamie. You did. That’s not protecting maine whatsoever. I’m precise wounded by you close now. I don’t spot you astatine this infinitesimal and I person to beryllium done with it.”