The Best Bean Dips Are Made With Flour

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When pursuing the cleanable legume dip, you either extremity up with a claggy, dense, muddy brick, oregon a light, smooth, silky spread. Let’s debar the brick. The champion mode to execute a fluffy, lump-less legume dip is to usage flour—bean flour, that is.

Garbanzo legume (chickpea) flour is the astir communal legume flour, but I’ll occasionally spot achromatic bean, fava, oregon pinto bean. Manufacturers mill the full legume to marque an ultra fine, flavorful pulverization that is highly absorbent owed to its fibre content.

Bean flour tin beryllium used successful a assortment of ways arsenic a fantastic gluten-free ingredient, but the good texture and absorbency marque it particularly cleanable for legume dip. The beans are pulverized into overmuch smaller particles than you could ever execute by dumping whole, soaked beans into a nutrient processor, and the aboveground country of the minuscule bits allows them to rehydrate successful nary clip with a spot of blistery water.

You tin usage this method to alteration immoderate legume flour into dip. I had garbanzo legume flour on-hand truthful I made hummus. Not conscionable immoderate hummus. The lightest, smoothest hummus of my life. The “process” is truly conscionable 2 elemental steps: Rehydrate the legume flour with blistery water, past blend successful the different ingredients.

I measured my chickpea flour into a vessel and whisked successful boiling h2o from my electrical kettle. Alternatively, you could vigor h2o successful the microwave, oregon connected the stove. I whisked the blistery h2o into the legume flour successful a dependable stream. It smoothed retired but remained somewhat lumpy. (Don’t fto that interest you.) I added the tahini, fractional of the olive lipid measurement, citrus juice, salt, and ail powder. Using an immersion blender, I pulsed for 10-20 seconds to premix successful the ingredients, and interruption up immoderate remaining lumps. If you don’t person an immersion blender, you tin adhd the substance to a regular nutrient processor alternatively and springiness it a fewer pulses. Serve the legume dip successful a vessel with a drizzle of the remaining olive oil.

The dip volition thicken somewhat arsenic it sits and absorbs a small much water, but I promote you to effort the dip portion it’s inactive warm. It’s the comforting, savory equivalent of a lukewarm cookie. The pursuing look features simple, classical flavors but instrumentality the accidental to research and adhd different spices and herbs. For different legume dips, dispersed your wings a little. Try adding yogurt, roasted garlic, ripe avocado, oregon softened pick cheese.

The Silkiest Hummus


  • 1 cupful chickpea flour
  • 2 cups freshly boiled water
  • 3 tablespoons tahini
  • 3 tablespoons citrus juice
  • ¾ spoon salt
  • ¼ spoon ail powder
  • ¼ cupful olive lipid (roughly divided successful half)

In a mean bowl, adhd the chickpea flour and steadily whisk successful the water. Whisk for astir a minute. The substance volition thicken and you tin interruption up astir of the lumps. Add the adjacent 4 ingredients and fractional of the olive lipid measurement. Blend the substance with an immersion blender until it’s good combined and the lumps are gone, 10-30 seconds. (Alternatively, you could usage a regular nutrient processor.) Serve with a drizzle of the remaining olive oil.