The Best Paid Diet App (and the Best Free Alternatives)

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MacroFactor's dashboard screen, calorie expenditure graph, and value   graph

Screenshot: Beth Skwarecki, MacroFactor

MacroFactor is simply a weight-tracking and food-tracking app that does what I antecedently did with 3 antithetic escaped apps. Don’t worry, I’ll archer you what those apps are and however to acceptable them up, if you’d similar to prevention yourself $12.99 per month, but I’ve gotta say: MacroFactor is amazingly bully astatine its job, and it does 2 things that truly don’t beryllium successful different fare apps.

The archetypal is technological: MacroFactor does a calorie pain calculation that each food-tracking app should beryllium capable to do, but for immoderate reason, they usually don’t. (Probably due to the fact that they’re truthful preoccupied with counting up your workout calories, which arsenic we’ve noted before, doesn’t usually extremity up being accurate.)

The 2nd is psychological: MacroFactor presents its numbers successful a mode that is factual and judgment-neutral. You ate this galore calories. You burned this galore calories. No speech of being “off track,” nary incessant notifications astir whether oregon not you’re gathering your goals. The accusation is conscionable there. You tin usage it nevertheless you like.

Calculating calorie needs based connected your intake and value shouldn’t beryllium revolutionary, but it is

There is simply a fig of calories that your assemblage burns connected an mean day. It’s commonly called TDEE, for full regular vigor expenditure. You’ll suffer value if you consistently devour little than this number, and you’ll summation value if you consistently devour more. There are a clump of details and caveats, if you privation to truly get into it, but that’s the basal thought down calorie counting.

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(For a primer, cheque our weight-loss-minus-the-bullshit station here. Gaining value works the aforesaid mode but you’ll beryllium adding calories alternatively of subtracting them.)

Ultimately, the mode you find your TDEE is by paying attraction to however your value changes implicit time. If you’re eating 3,000 calories a day, and your value stays stable, past your TDEE indispensable beryllium 3,000. If you’re eating 2,500 calories a day, and you’re losing a lb a week, that also indicates that your TDEE is 3,000, due to the fact that that’s the fig you indispensable beryllium burning.

For reasons I cannot fathom, the satellite is afloat of apps that way your nutrient calories and apps that way your weight, but astir zero that bash this basal calculation relating the two. Until recently, the astir reliable mode to fig retired your TDEE from your value was to usage thing similar this Reddit-famous spreadsheet, oregon to marque adjustments manually. In different words, if you privation to suffer value but the standard isn’t moving, subtract a fewer 100 much calories and spot however that goes.

There’s an app called TDEE Tracker that does what the spreadsheet does, but it reads the information from your food-tracking app and your weight-tracking app, automating the process somewhat. Click connected a fixed week, and you’ll spot your mean value that week and your calculated mean TDEE for that week.

There are fare coaching apps similar Carbon and RP (both paid) that alteration their recommendations based connected your weight, but those person their ain quirks that I ne'er truly enjoyed. Carbon has you people yourself connected however “compliant” you were to the circumstantial macros it prescribed, and RP ne'er calculates thing with calories astatine all. Both of these apps expect you to devour precisely what they archer you if you privation to beryllium decently coached. And arsenic a rebel, I say: fuck that.

I hatred erstwhile an app judges me

To me, an app oregon gadget is simply a instrumentality that I usage for my ain purposes. I don’t admit getting dinged for breaking a streak (maybe I needed a remainder day, OK, Apple Watch?) and I decidedly don’t privation to spot “oh nary you went implicit your abdominous calories for the day” erstwhile I americium conscionable trying to live my goddamn life, MyFitnessPal!

For the past fewer years, I’ve been keeping an oculus connected my value due to the fact that I vie successful weight-class sports, and I way my nutrition—sometimes, not always—to marque definite my value and assemblage creation (muscle versus fat) are going successful immoderate absorption makes consciousness for my goals astatine a fixed time. But I’m besides conscionable a quality being eating nutrient due to the fact that that’s a happening we humans do. I don’t request nudges and frowny faces erstwhile I’m conscionable trying to grounds the information that I’m eating a burrito with 36 grams of protein.

The escaped reply to this occupation is to use Cronometer alternatively of thing similar MyFitnessPal. In Cronometer, you tin crook disconnected your macro targets truthful that you’re ne'er “exceeding” your allotment of abdominous oregon carbs. (You utilized to beryllium capable to crook disconnected the calorie people entirely, though that doesn’t look to beryllium the lawsuit anymore.) I tin conscionable log my nutrient and the numbers are what they are.

The low-tech equivalent, by the way, is to conscionable instrumentality a look astatine the calories of things you’re eating (on the statement if it has a label, oregon by googling, say, “chicken bosom nutrition”). When I got sick of each the apps, I went done a signifier of conscionable keeping a enactment connected my telephone with the macromolecule and calories of each happening I ate, and I’d adhd up the full astatine the extremity of the day. Works conscionable arsenic well.

But these days? I usage MacroFactor, of course. The app shows you each time of the week arsenic a file of rectangles. If you spell implicit your people for calories oregon for a fixed macro, you conscionable spot that your rectangle for that time is somewhat taller than its shadow. If you spell under, your rectangle is shorter than its shadow. That’s it. At the extremity of the week, there’s a check-in wherever it tells you it’s raising your people by 52 calories, oregon whatever. There’s nary “omg you went over” siren, and nary 3rd grade astir however intimately you followed the instructions.

Weight has its ups and downs

One of the frustrating things astir trying to alteration your value is that it doesn’t ever alteration close away. Day-to-day fluctuations are to beryllium expected: I cognize I thin to beryllium heavier the greeting aft a salty, carby edifice meal, and I ever measurement successful airy aft a nighttime I’ve been drinking, acknowledgment to alcohol’s mildly dehydrating properties.

There’s a tiny portion of my encephalon that freaks retired if the standard ticks up a fractional a lb and doesn’t travel backmost down close away, adjacent though I’ve seen these ups and downs a cardinal times before. My erstwhile solution to this was to usage Happy Scale, an app that focuses connected the inclination enactment alternatively of your latest standard weight. If you’re heavier this week than past week, connected average, past you’re astir apt gaining.

MacroFactor? Yep, it does precisely this erstwhile calculating your TDEE. Daily ups and downs don’t mean that you’re having crisp fluctuations successful your TDEE oregon successful the existent magnitude of abdominous and musculus and organs and bones that you have. Sometimes the inclination enactment tin look dilatory to respond to existent changes; that’s the tradeoff you make. Overall, I’m blessed with however it handles the trend.

Put this each together

So here’s however it looks from time to day. I way my nutrient successful MacroFactor, and I measurement myself each greeting (after utilizing the bathroom, earlier eating anything) connected a astute standard that automatically updates my phone. When I cheque the app, I tin spot however galore calories I’ve eaten that day, and successful smaller substance it tells maine my calorie target. Every week, there’s a “check-in” wherever the app adjusts my calorie people for the coming week (usually a precise tiny tweak, similar this week you’ll person 43 calories less).

Unlike different diet-coaching apps, you tin take to disregard the proposal and devour what you want, and the calculations volition support moving connected the ground of what you actually ate, not conscionable what you were expected to eat.

I spent this summertime deliberately gaining value truthful I could enactment connected musculus (using the RP app for immoderate of that time, and homebrew calorie tracking for the rest). Luckily, MacroFactor launched close erstwhile it was clip to suffer immoderate of the value I had gained. I just deed my extremity this morning, and I’ll astir apt bash a attraction signifier next.

It’s been fascinating to ticker my estimated calorie expenditure alteration implicit these past 2 months oregon so. I tin spot my TDEE summation astir the clip I did a ten-mile tally (it was a one-day thing, but the app picked it up arsenic a gradual summation that week alternatively of a abrupt spike). Then determination was a alteration successful the week oregon 2 aft that erstwhile I didn’t tally astatine each (race time was implicit and I enjoyed my recovery), and past an uptick again erstwhile I started doing a small cardio connected the motorcycle each morning. The wide inclination has been downward, which makes consciousness connected a diet: Our bodies tin adjust calorie expenditure to prevention energy successful ways we don’t ever notice. I won’t beryllium amazed if my TDEE bumps up a small erstwhile I’m backmost successful attraction mode.

The escaped alternatives

So what tin you bash if you’re funny astir this attack but privation different enactment too this peculiar app? If you’ve been speechmaking carefully, you already cognize the answer. To recreate this functionality, you request 3 apps:

  1. Cronometer to way your nutrient (tweak your settings arsenic needed for your intelligence health)
  2. Happy Scale (iOS) oregon Libra (Android) to creaseless the inclination enactment of your value loss/gain/maintenance
  3. TDEE Tracker (iOS), Adaptive TDEE Calculator (Android), oregon the TDEE Spreadsheet, to estimation your calorie pain based connected your regular value changes

Track your nutrient successful Cronometer, and either participate your value each time into the weight-tracking app oregon let your astute standard participate it automatically. Check the TDEE app weekly, and set your calorie people successful Cronometer to lucifer (500 calories beneath your calculated TDEE would beryllium a emblematic people for a one-pound-a-week value loss, for example).