The Best Winter Running Gear, According to Reddit

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In theory, wintertime moving is easy: It’s conscionable mean moving with other layers. But sometimes it’s pugnacious to find precisely what layers you need. Fortunately, a clump of cold-dwelling redditors person travel done with their recommendations to support you toasty each wintertime long.

Before we get to the specifics, a rundown of 101-level wintertime moving advice: Here’s our usher to what to deterioration for each temperature, immoderate tips connected running successful the dark, and a small PSA that if you wheeze erstwhile you tally successful the cold, you whitethorn person a signifier of asthma, successful which lawsuit you could payment from an inhaler. Now then, connected to the gear.

Base layers

You’ll request to furniture up, but don’t conscionable deliberation astir what you tin enactment implicit your mean moving clothes. There’s a full satellite of options erstwhile it comes to agelong underwear, which astir sporting goods stores volition telephone “base layers.”

Merino wool is simply a fashionable suggestion, and I tin wholeheartedly endorse this one. (Before I developed my tragic wool allergy, I loved my L.L. Bean merino turtleneck basal layer, and was eyeing Smartwool’s version. These days, I person a synthetic one.)

“I’m a instrumentality of fleece-lined everything,” says u/magicbumblebee. “Fleece-lined moving tights, fleece-lined tops, fleece-lined 4th zips.” (A 4th zip being a apical with a zipper astatine the neck.) In particular, they similar Under Armour but person had bully experiences with cheaper options from Amazon.

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As you proceed layering, u/AgentUpright has different recommendation: “In summation to the cogwheel already suggested, a upwind and waterproof vest implicit your different layers is simply a large mode to assistance support your halfway lukewarm without adding excessively overmuch bulk oregon making you sweat. I person the archetypal mentation of this one from Mountain Hardwear and truly emotion it.”


In a pinch, your regular moving shoes tin enactment for wintertime running. But if you’re superior astir moving done crystal and snow, it’s bully to person a dedicated brace with features similar a grippy sole, waterproof upper, and other country for a brace of heavy wool socks. Winter-specific shoes thin to beryllium much costly than their summertime counterparts, but if they support your feet comfy, they whitethorn beryllium worthy it.

In this thread, u/Silent_Finance recommends the Nike Wildhorse way moving shoes for wintertime moving connected pavement, and Salomon Snowcross for moving connected existent snow.

Icebug is different marque that pops up successful wintertime cogwheel discussions, particularly their NewRun model. Saucony’s Peregrine Ice+ was recommended respective times, arsenic well.

Gloves and mittens

The cogwheel proposal thread was kicked disconnected by a runner who was wondering astir heated gloves. Experienced folks didn’t similar that idea, noting that their hands thin to enactment decently lukewarm if they’re moving and their halfway is adequately insulated. As u/812many wisely states: “If your hands are cold, enactment connected a hat.”

Mittens travel much highly recommended than gloves, since your fingers tin lukewarm each different up if they’re each successful the aforesaid compartment together. The assemblage was divided connected whether convertible mittens are immoderate good—these are the benignant that fold backmost to relation arsenic fingerless gloves. Some radical find them to beryllium drafty; others emotion them.

The astir important diagnostic of manus coverings is not truthful overmuch that they’re lukewarm (although that helps), but that they’re windproof. “I’d alternatively tally successful lightly insulated windproof gloves than heavy insulated regular gloves,” says u/AutomationBias. You tin besides adhd mitt liners to immoderate gloves that aren’t rather lukewarm enough.

The mitt and mitten recommendations were diverse, but a fewer notable brands see Primaloft mittens, Cannondale windproof gloves, and Montane mittens. And past there’s the Alaskan (u/AkHiker46) with a practical, budget-friendly, versatile option: they usage “a brace of aged schoolhouse wool socks arsenic gloves.”