The cheating scandal rocking poker world takes $15,000 theft twist

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Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew are successful  the mediate  of poker's biggest controversy.Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew are successful the mediate of poker’s biggest controversy.Twitter

Somehow, the Robbi Jade Lew-Garrett Adelstein scandal diving the poker satellite conscionable got weirder.

An internal probe conducted by Hustler Casino Live — which streamed the game from Los Angeles — has shown that 1 of their High Stakes Poker Productions employees stole 3 $5,000 chips from Lew’s stack aft the broadcast concluded connected Sept. 29.

The employee, Bryan Sagbigsal, was terminated from his presumption aft helium admitted to taking $15,000 successful chips from Lew’s stack, HCL’s owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman said successful reappraisal findings. It’s unclear what occupation Sagbigsal held with HCL.

The findings adhd to a saga that been going connected for a week. It started with a $269,000 manus that ended with Lew calling Adelstein with conscionable Jack high. Adelstein, who had the 7 and 8 of clubs, flopped consecutive and flush draws but didn’t amended connected the crook oregon river. Lew’s telephone was bizarre, though, considering the tiny fig of hands she could person beaten.

In a lengthy connection connected Twitter past week, Adelstein accused Lew of cheating during the game. Lew gave backmost the $135,000 to Adelstein aft helium initially made the accusations astatine the casino. Adelstein is 1 of the apical streaming players successful the world, portion Lew is newer to the crippled and peculiarly stakes of this size.

Lew said successful a tweet that Adelstein “cornered [her] and threatened [her],” aft she was “pulled retired of the crippled and forced to talk to him successful a acheronian hallway.”

The $15,000 worthy of chips taken by Sagbigsal was seen arsenic immoderate arsenic him taking his chopped of a cheating scam.

In a abstracted connection connected Thursday, Lew told, that Vertucci called her to stock the quality of the incidental and HCL’s investigation.

Lew said she chose not to property charges against Sagbigsal due to the fact that she believes it is “unnecessary to harm a young man’s life,” adding that she “could not callback having met the employee.”

Lew said she was notified that the worker “had already spent the $15k, astatine which constituent moving guardant with a transgression complaint made adjacent little consciousness to me.”

Gardena constabulary said, without a victim, they bash not mean to prosecute a transgression prosecution astatine this time, per the HCL statement.