The chicken industry’s worker safety problem

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Starting successful the 1960s, US consumers began a emotion matter with chicken. America’s proteins of prime erstwhile were beef and pork, until the poultry manufacture recovered a mode to nutrient a batch of chicken, making it inexpensive and plentiful. Human workers paid the outgo of that productivity as, implicit the past fewer decades, poultry processing enactment speeds person accrued to conscionable this demand. But that’s happened successful tandem with the diminution of unions and deregulation of the industry. The effect is simply a precocious complaint of workplace injuries and repetitive question disorders, with gaps successful workplace information oversight.

For this video, we contacted Tyson Foods Inc. and the National Chicken Council for comment. The National Chicken Council (NCC), the poultry manufacture lobby that has repeatedly requested enactment velocity increases, wrote that faster enactment speeds bash not impact the gait of enactment due to the fact that plants volition adhd further unit and lines to accommodate the summation successful speeds. Through our reporting and our sources, we weren’t capable to substantiate this claim, and the NCC did not respond erstwhile we asked for an illustration of erstwhile this has happened oregon for immoderate different grounds that this is the manufacture standard.

The NCC besides mentioned that different countries besides tally poultry enactment speeds arsenic accelerated as, if not faster than, the US. It’s hard to bash an apples-to-apples examination with different countries due to the fact that of the regulatory model and national issues we screen successful the video. Claire Kelloway, newsman and researcher for OpenMarkets, noted that successful Europe, for example, factories are typically smaller than US plants, and determination are higher rates of unionization and much manufacture information regulation. The regulating agencies enforce longer breaks and switching up occupation roles to debar repetition, for example. Even so, moving conditions successful poultry plants are inactive criticized there.

While the NCC cites a diminution successful workplace injuries, experts and advocates accidental this information is unreliable. It relies connected workers reporting injuries to the authorities bureau that regulates workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are a fig of reasons a poultry idiosyncratic mightiness not study an wounded oregon illness, including connection barriers oregon fears implicit their citizenship status. We notation that worker- and advocate-led surveys amusement precocious levels of wounded and include 1 example, but there are many more.

Tyson Foods Inc. disputes, without evidence, the petition that Magaly Licolli presented connected behalf of the workers astatine the Berry Street poultry works successful Springdale, Arkansas. The institution said it was misrepresented to the workers who signed it and that determination were treble signatures. We interviewed a idiosyncratic who helped administer the petition who said otherwise. Tyson Foods besides noted that they offered raises to poultry workers successful 2021 amid a labour shortage.

We besides contacted OSHA for comment. In their response, they noted that they contented citations oregon fines to immoderate workplace recovered by national inspectors to person violated their information standards, but confirmed that it is nether the jurisdiction of the USDA to find enactment speeds. They besides said that they bash not way information connected the usage of the chemicals we notation successful the video: chlorine, ammonia, and peracetic acid.

While reporting this episode, I work Christopher Leonard’s The Meat Racket, which I would urge if you are funny successful deep-dive reporting into the past of Tyson Foods and the poultry industry.

I besides reread Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. More connected the impact of The Jungle here.

A legislature study precocious revealed that the decease toll from Covid-19 outbreaks successful meat-processing plants was 3 times higher than antecedently thought:

Read this for much sum of the failed OSHA ergonomics rule.

Deborah Berkowitz, the erstwhile OSHA main of unit and manager of the Worker Safety and Health Program of the National Employment Law Project, was a important root for this story. Here is her recent legislature testimony connected workplace information for the meat-processing industry.

There is immoderate reporting connected whether much automation could assistance trim workplace injuries. In general, Europe has higher levels of automation successful meat-processing plants than successful the US.

This communicative is astir the past of anti-union politics, specifically successful Arkansas arsenic it relates to the poultry industry.

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