The Comet Leonard, the Christmas Star, and Other Things to See in December’s Night Sky

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There’s a batch going connected successful the nighttime entity successful December, from the spectacular Geminids meteor ablution to Venus astatine its brightest. Here are immoderate of December’s astir awesome star-gazing highlights to people connected your calendar.

Venus volition beryllium astatine its brightest connected Dec. 3

Venus is December’s satellite of the month! An iconoclast and overachiever, Venus is the hottest satellite successful our star strategy (sorry, Mercury), and the lone 1 to rotation clockwise. Venus volition marque its brightest quality of 2021 (or “greatest illuminated extent,” according to astronomers) connected Dec. 3. Look westbound close aft sunset, and you should spot the crescent Venus, though you mightiness request binoculars to truly cheque it out. With pressing concern successful different parts of the universe, Venus volition vanish from Earth’s entity connected Jan. 9.

Antarctic gets a full star eclipse connected Dec. 4

Our readers successful Western Antarctica and sailors successful the Ross Sea volition beryllium capable to cheque retired a full star eclipse connected Dec. 4, with sky-gazers successful the remainder of Antartica, South Africa, Tasmania, and the South Atlantic being capable to spot a partial eclipse. For the remainder of us, the satellite is caller (i.e., not visible) truthful tides volition beryllium higher each implicit the world. Surf’s up, baby.

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You tin (probably) spot Comet Leonard connected Dec. 9

If you’ve been dying to cheque retired a comet, whitethorn I suggest Comet Leonard? The mornings astir Dec. 9 betwixt 3:30 a.m. and dawn are premier viewing hours to spot Comet C/2021 A1, besides known arsenic “Leonard.” According to, it volition beryllium “one-third of the mode up the eastbound sky, adjacent the ellipse of stars that signifier the caput of Serpens Caput (the Snake’s Head).” You mightiness request binoculars to spot it, and it mightiness not beryllium determination astatine each (comets are hard to predict), but it’s worthy a shot. What other are you gonna bash during that time? Sleep?

The Geminids meteor ablution peaks connected Dec. 14

The Geminids meteor ablution is the show-stopping celestial lawsuit of December 2021. It runs betwixt Nov. 19 and Dec. 24, but its implicit highest is expected connected Dec. 14. You should beryllium capable to spot tons of meteors successful the hours betwixt sunset connected Monday the 14th and sunrise connected the 15th. At astir 2 a.m., up to 120 meteors per infinitesimal mightiness beryllium visible. They’ll beryllium each implicit the sky, but volition look to radiate from close supra the stars of Castor and Pollux. These meteors would beryllium adjacent much spectacular without the satellite messing things up with its reflected sunlight, but if you hold until it sets astatine astir 3 a.m., much shooting stars should beryllium visible.

You tin spy connected Crater Copernicus connected Dec. 18

The satellite crater Copernicus is disposable with binoculars immoderate clip you tin spot the moon, but if you privation to get truly in-depth, cheque it retired successful a scope connected Dec. 18. On the nighttime earlier the afloat moon, you’ll beryllium capable to spot Copernicus’s terraced edges, its cardinal peak, and its extended ejecta broad extracurricular the crater’s rim. Copernicus is located somewhat northwest of the halfway of the Moon’s Earth-facing hemisphere.

The afloat “Cold Moon” is coming connected Dec. 19

Don’t miss December’s afloat acold satellite connected the 19th: Here’s everything you could ever privation to cognize astir it. 

Hunker down for the Winter Solstice connected Dec. 21

In the Northern Hemisphere, Dec. 21 is the shortest time of the year. The prima is lowest astatine noon, and the acheronian lasts longer than astatine immoderate different time of the year. The Winter Solstice the champion time for vampires who request to get a batch done. The nonstop infinitesimal of the solstice—when the prima reaches its astir southernly constituent successful the entity and Winter begins—happens astatine 15:59 Universal Time. Here’s however to construe Universal clip to your section time.

See the small babe Ursids Meteor Shower highest connected Dec. 22

This abbreviated meteor ablution is caused by debris dropped by comet 8P/Tuttle, and is disposable betwixt Dec. 13 and 24, but its highest is expected successful the aboriginal hours of the 22nd. After the satellite sets astatine astir midnight, you should beryllium capable to spot 5 to 10 meteors per hr successful the sky. They could travel from anywhere, but they volition astir apt look to radiate from supra the Little Dipper.

See the Christmas Star connected Dec. 25 (duh)

If you look retired your model aft midnight connected Dec. 25, you should spot Sirius, the brightest nighttime star, successful the Southern sky. Sometimes called the “Dog Star,” Sirius is simply a twinkly bluish and achromatic shot of occurrence located a specified 8.6 airy years from Earth. It is astir apt not the Star of Bethlehem that the 3 omniscient men from the East followed to Bethlehem—you can’t really follow a prima anywhere—but it’s inactive a chill prima you tin spot connected Christmas nighttime (and different nights).