The EU is locked in a momentous fight with Poland. And the UK is backing the wrong side | Will Hutton

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It should beryllium a infinitesimal erstwhile the values of the European Enlightenment, embodied triumphantly successful the astonishing capableness to present anti-Covid vaccines wrong 12 months, should beryllium riding high. “To situation to know”, the large maxim of Emmanuel Kant that delivers specified superb science, is of a portion with principles of tolerating quality and bully authorities founded connected the separation of powers betwixt the executive, legislative and judiciary. These underpin the regularisation of instrumentality and are foundational preconditions for EU rank embodied successful its treaties. The British government, for its part, requires applicants for citizenship to cognize that the regularisation of law, and what stands down it, is simply a ultimate British value. Yet everyplace these Enlightenment principles are being challenged.

So portion the justness secretary, Dominic Raab, ponders a freedom-curbing override of British judicial independency by equipping ministers with the powerfulness to change judges’ verdicts if they see them “incorrect”, the EU finds itself facing a existent situation implicit the regularisation of law. The Polish authorities is really doing what Raab, astatine slightest for the moment, is lone contemplating.

In a lawsuit brought by its premier minister, earlier this period Poland’s ultimate tribunal ruled that ineligible challenges, based connected EU instrumentality incorporated successful EU treaties, would beryllium constitutionally inadmissible. These see challenges to the authorities disciplining judges for “incorrect’ rulings and limiting their independence, truthful allowing policies that indulge anti-gay declarations, contradict clime alteration oregon bounds property freedom. Unsurprisingly, a tribunal packed by the premier minister’s placemen and women recovered for him: EU instrumentality was “not compatible” with Poland’s constitution.

The Polish government, tally by the utmost societal blimpish Law and Justice party, indispensable beryllium unconstrained from doing what it wants, truthful that if a 3rd of Poland’s towns person issued proclamations declaring themselves “LGBT ideology-free zones”, thing tin beryllium done. In vain mightiness the EU president, Ursula von der Leyen, state that specified zones are “humanity-free”, that they person nary spot in a “union of equality”. She is powerless to equip Polish citizens with the ineligible rights that citizens person successful different EU subordinate states to situation their government.

Poland whitethorn person signed EU treaties enshrining principles dedicated to the separation of powers and the regularisation of law, but if they are declared constitutionally invalid, Polish citizens go second-class members of the EU. British citizens volition beryllium likewise disempowered if Raab and Boris Johnson determine to make mechanisms to subject judges for “incorrect” rulings, but determination is nary EU to effort our rescue.

On Poland, the EU, aft years of prevarication and anemic threats, is astatine past acting. The judgment, said Von der Leyen, “calls into question the foundations of the EU. It is simply a nonstop situation to the unity of the European ineligible order”, a presumption backed by the European parliament and outspokenly by the French, Dutch and Belgian governments. Last Wednesday, the European tribunal of justness (ECJ) imposed a regular good of €1m (£845,000) connected the Polish ultimate tribunal for not disbanding its disciplinary chamber. Given that the aforesaid ultimate tribunal has ruled that the enclosure is legal, nary compromise is successful sight. Nor should it be. This is simply a conflict the EU has to win.

It is withholding €36bn of post-pandemic funding, Poland’s stock of the EU betterment fund. Prime curate Mateusz Morawiecki is unyielding. There is nary question of Poland leaving the EU, helium says. He knows Polish enactment for the EU is entity precocious (viewed, arsenic it is, arsenic a root of prosperity and bulwark against Russia), but helium threatens to paralyse the EU’s operations. Poland volition leave the EU’s greenish caller deal. It volition support its ember mines and coal-burning plants open. It volition veto regular EU legislation. It volition situation the mode Germany appoints its judges. If agreements specified arsenic the EU apprehension warrant go inoperable, truthful beryllium it. The ECJ indispensable beryllium bested.

In each this, Morawiecki has 1 protagonist successful Europe – Boris Johnson, who connected Friday took clip to little him by telephone connected how, echoing Poland’s experience, Britain wanted to cease immoderate jurisdiction of the ECJ successful Northern Ireland. Poland’s combat was Britain’s combat against the Northern Ireland protocol. Britain is making communal origin with Poland – for nationalist law autonomy against the imperial ambitions of Brussels. Perhaps, hopes Johnson, the fearfulness of “Polexit” whitethorn marque the EU springiness way, wantonness its “bureaucratic” defence of its ineligible bid and unfastened the mode for a celebrated triumph successful Northern Ireland.

Johnson misjudges some EU unanimity and its passionateness for Enlightenment values. The information that his caller state deplores “LGBT ideology”, denies clime change, wants to abolish abortion, rails against property freedom, holds racist views connected migration and is sympathetic to anti-vaxxers should springiness him pause. More practically, helium should cognize Morawiecki is warring for his governmental life. His basal successful hyper-conservative Catholic south-eastern Poland is shrinking arsenic the wide cities grow. There are increasing pro-EU protests on the streets. The evident catastrophe of Brexit has virtually eliminated the anti-EU cause, truthful immoderate menace to permission it would beryllium economical and governmental suicide.

Johnson is backing a losing horse. The ultra-rightwing task of curtailing Enlightenment liberties to enact hyper-conservative authorities and override pact obligations whitethorn look charismatic to a vocal base. But it’s being challenged – determination arsenic here.

The EU volition clasp its ground. In Britain, it was telling that the Office for Budget Responsibility last week declared that Brexit would outgo the state doubly arsenic overmuch imperishable mislaid output and prosperity arsenic Covid, heralding a caller epoch of a virtually growthless economy, truthful hard is Brexit is hitting our trade. But overmuch much importantly, Britain is simply a quintessentially Enlightenment country; connected this, the national exertion trial is right.

We should beryllium lasting unflinchingly with the champion successful Europe, not conniving successful the trashing of our halfway values and beliefs. This is not wherever the bulk of British are. Hyper-conservatism is not a ballot victor and if that is what Brexit’s authors mean it to become, yet it volition beryllium reversed.