The filthy work of ‘Sewer Divers’ showcased in new Discovery series

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Discovery Channel’s “Sewer Divers” mightiness conscionable showcase the dirtiest occupation of all.

The series, premiering Jan. 1 astatine 9 p.m., explores assorted centuries-old sewer systems passim the state — and the brave workers who bash the indispensable tasks that astir radical don’t privation to deliberation about, including Don Gann, 35, aka “Dirty Water Don,” who’s featured successful the opening episode.

“I’ve had rather a fewer [close calls] implicit the years,” Gann told The Post. “I’ve been pinned, I’ve had things autumn connected apical of maine wherever I couldn’t get retired connected my ain [and] different diver had to travel successful to get me. I’ve been buried digging a spread for an underwater cable. The spread collapsed connected apical of me, truthful each clip you took a breath, the mud constricts you more. You person to power your breathing, stay calm, and person religion successful the guys you person [above the manhole].

“No substance however scary the occupation is, the feline adjacent to you has to beryllium arsenic bully arsenic you.” 

Don Gann, aka "Dirty Water Don" crossing his arms. Don Gann, aka “Dirty Water Don.” Discovery

Gann, a begetter of three, is based successful North Arlington, NJ. He’s a commercialized diver specializing successful welding, timber enactment and sewer repair. He’s journeyed down into manholes and waded in the muck beneath each 5 boroughs. 

“A batch of radical deliberation we tin conscionable aquatics astir similar a fish,” helium said. “It’s precise hard to determination astir with the existent and you can’t spot what you’re doing. You trust connected your 10 eyes, which are your fingers. So, basically, each the soiled and disgusting things that radical don’t privation to interaction – we person to interaction those things to recognize what we’re doing.” 

In the bid premiere, Gann wears a $3,000 rubber suit that keeps him harmless from toxic chemicals and waste, and a 36-pound helmet. 

Donn Gann lasting  successful  a diving suit, portion    men astir   him sanitize it. Don Gann getting his diving suit sanitized by his crew. Discovery
Sewer Divers logo, the amusement   rubric  adjacent  to a manhole. “Sewer Divers” is simply a caller amusement connected 1 of the dirtiest jobs of all.Discovery

“Once you hook the cervix dam — the suit to the helmet — your mobility becomes spare. It’s hard to get it disconnected by yourself,” helium said. “A batch of radical successful this manufacture won’t past due to the fact that they’re claustrophobic. The [manhole] is small, the ladders are successful disrepair oregon breached down there. There’s usually a existent oregon the country is precise slick truthful you can’t get bully footing oregon determination around. You truly trust connected your guys up top.  There’s rather a fewer dangers. Electrical shock, a slew of dive-related sicknesses. You could suffer a limb. You could suffer your life.” 

Gann said that helium hopes audiences who tune into “Sewer Divers” get a caller appreciation for what helium and his colleagues bash connected the occupation each day. 

“When idiosyncratic drives by america successful the greeting unreserved and we’re creating a hold for postulation patterns, due to the fact that we’re closing the lanes — and each they spot is 3 guys lasting astir a spread — we get a batch of atrocious press,” helium said.

“They’re similar ‘Oh, what are these guys doing, conscionable lasting around?’ People thrust by and outcry astatine us. We’ve had radical thrust by and propulsion trash astatine us. Meanwhile, nether the [surface of the road], you person a feline moving to marque definite you tin spell location aft work, flush your toilet, and you don’t person to ask, ‘Where does it go?’ You trust connected the information that you tin deed a fastener and locomotion distant from it.”