‘The fish stinks’: Joe Judge puts Giants disaster on himself

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Joe Judge was brought present to cleanable up idiosyncratic else’s mess. Now we get to spot if helium tin cleanable up his own.

“I’m the caput coach. It’s my responsibility. Point blank. Every player connected this field, each presumption group, the execution, it each comes down to me,” Judge said connected Thursday.

“The food stinks from the caput down. “I’ve been taught that by large guys I’ve worked for and played for. There is nary excuses, nary exceptions. You request of your coaches to marque definite your players are playing the close way, you request of your players to cognize what to bash and they person to spell retired determination and bash it. But it starts with maine and ends with me.”

You either upwind storms, particularly successful this market, particularly erstwhile the instrumentality basal is disenchanted, disillusioned and disgusted with the sham merchandise they person been paying for with their hard-earned dollars and everlasting loyalty, oregon you bash not.

As adept arsenic helium is from shielding himself and his players from the raging extracurricular noise, Judge is plentifulness aware enough to admit that the honeymoon with Giants fans is implicit for him and his team.

They watch their depleted Giants, for arsenic agelong arsenic they can, until they can’t carnivore to ticker them immoderate longer and caput for the Turnpike, oregon for the GW Bridge, wherever they tin astir apt inactive perceive the boobirds venting.

They ticker their depleted Giants look similar guppyweights successful the ringing with heavyweights and groan:


Judge, arsenic a rookie caput coach, showed John Mara that helium was the close antheral for the job, the CEO and person that helium had been searching for since Tom Coughlin near the building.

Now Judge has to punctual him, and the faithful, that helium is the close antheral for the job. 

Joe Judge connected  the sidelines during the Giants' crippled  against the CowboysJoe Judge connected the sidelines during the Giants’ crippled against the CowboysGetty Images

His players profess emotion for him successful the gathering rooms and connected the signifier tract – conscionable not connected crippled day. Which yet is the lone mode to support score.

What Mara thought, what Giants fans thought – what I thought – was that this squad had capable endowment to morph from pretender to contender arsenic agelong arsenic Daniel Jones took the adjacent step.


And now? A 1-5 laughingstock strangulated by a Losing Syndrome and embarrassing those who came before?


So present we get to spot how qualified Judge is astatine situation absorption – ironically against the other manager that intrigued the Giants successful Matt Rhule.

No 1 who lives and dies with this squad wants to perceive astir each the injuries. Not aft an full decennary without a playoff win. Not erstwhile the 2021 Giants person breached Judge’s Day 1 committedness to tract a blue-collar squad that would correspond the tough, hard-working radical successful this area. 

But they cannot and should not beryllium dismissed retired of hand. 

The coaches who preceded him and followed Coughlin would tell america they were built for this, erstwhile the buzzards began circling implicit their heads and the jackals were pounding connected the door. Turns retired they weren’t built for this.

Judge tin inactive beryllium that helium is built for this.

Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey: “Joe’s our leader. We each look to our person for strength, he’s done a helluva occupation I deliberation of keeping the squad moving forward. One happening arsenic peculiar teams coaches you recognize is the lone changeless that we person successful this league is change, and it’s ever changing, truthful you’ve gotta beryllium capable to set to the alteration – positive, negative, you gotta beryllium capable to set to it. And Joe’s a pugnacious guy. Joe’s mentally tough, and he’s doing a large occupation with our squad arsenic acold arsenic the enactment portion of it, moving forward, staying focused connected the task astatine manus and that’s to triumph today. You don’t person a accidental connected Sunday if you don’t triumph today.”

Joe Judge talks to his players against the RamsJoe Judge talks to his players against the RamsGetty Images

Defensive coordinator Pat Graham: “The affectional consistency, the affectional stamina to beryllium the aforesaid each day. That’s wherefore he’s a bully leader. Whether we win, lose, whatever, Joe’s gonna close us. There’s a modular helium has, and if we won by 3 touchdowns oregon mislaid by 3 touchdowns, Joe is accordant successful however he’s handled it, trying to amended the shot squad arsenic we determination done the season. The goals inactive stay the aforesaid – to beryllium playing your champion shot erstwhile you get to Thanksgiving – evidently we gotta commencement winning immoderate games. But Joe is arsenic accordant arsenic I’ve ever seen him, ne'er excessively up, ne'er excessively down.”

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett: “Not truly my spot to remark connected Coach Judge, I deliberation the biggest happening we each effort to bash erstwhile you person done choky tines is conscionable kinda settee backmost successful to what you request to bash each time to manager your champion and to play your best, and each time of mentation leads to an accidental to play your champion connected Sunday. If you tin get everyone focused connected what we request to bash close now, I deliberation that’s what gives you the champion chance, and truly applies to beingness too. Somehow, you person to larn from your past experiences, don’t interest astir what’s adjacent … collectively arsenic an organization, that’s what we’re trying to do, each coach, each subordinate and Joe’s our leader’s done a truly bully occupation of that.”

Bill Parcells overcame a 3-12-1 rookie play successful his 2nd effort astatine it with a No More Mr. Nice Guy persona. Coughlin’s genius arsenic a manager was mitigated by a militaristic tyrannical attack that threatened his ouster if he didn’t alteration into a kinder, gentler Tom – arsenic good arsenic supply for ownership a program to get Eli Manning astatine the extremity of his 3rd twelvemonth to the adjacent level. 

“I conscionable support focused connected the occupation and the task astatine hand. In thing you are doing, if you travel successful and effort to look astatine everything astatine erstwhile and instrumentality connected everything astatine erstwhile you are going to consciousness suffocated,” Judge said.

The bully quality is Judge hasn’t flinched, helium hasn’t blinked. “The lone clip you truly consciousness immoderate benignant of unit oregon nerves (is) erstwhile you’re unprepared,” helium says.

Judge him from this constituent on. He deserves arsenic much. Still clip to Say It IS JOE.