The Giants aren’t making progress

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The Giants mislaid their sixth crippled of the play connected Monday night, and that they played down to the ligament against the Chiefs earlier falling 20-17 astatine Arrowhead Stadium is astir arsenic meaningful arsenic astir winning the lottery. You matched a fewer numbers but not capable of them to effect successful thing of consequence.

Revisiting games this play — and astir of the past respective seasons — is not an endeavor to beryllium taken lightly, insofar arsenic maintaining one’s intelligence health. The losses pile up successful mind-numbing fashion, each 1 a singular entity and yet connected to each the others by shared patterns of nonaccomplishment that nexus these defeats together.

Anyway, present we go:

Same time, this year

In different times, with different teams, the Giants going down to the ligament earlier falling to the Chiefs could beryllium construed arsenic a meaningful loss. Coming adjacent against apical teams, connected the road, is simply a motion of progress. But not with this team. Not with these Giants.

They get nary payment of the doubt.

Most competent offenses would person recovered a mode to enactment 21 points connected a Kansas City defence giving up astir 30 points a game. What the Giants did astir of each was to amusement the AFC that the Chiefs bash not regularisation the league anymore. Patrick Mahomes threw 19 incomplete passes successful this crippled and does not look right. The Chiefs’ antiaircraft issues are real. This is not, astatine present, a morganatic Super Bowl contender. They were ripe to get beat. The Giants could not prime the triumph disconnected the tree.

Giants ChiefsDaniel Jones (#8) and the Giants couldn’t instrumentality vantage against a Chiefs squad that was ripe to beryllium beat.AP

A big, large occupation is the Giants seldom person victories they tin physique connected oregon losses they tin larn from. They had 10 penalties for 88 yards — wherever is the grounds that this young squad is getting smarter? They withstood a barrage of plays (77) connected defence and constricted the harm done by game-wreckers Tyreek Hill (longest reception: 15 yards) and Travis Kelce (longest reception: 14 yards). Yet wherever was the cardinal last stop? They won the coin flip and deferred, wanting to get the shot connected discourtesy to commencement the 3rd quarter. They had possession astatine the extremity of the archetypal fractional and did thing with it. They got the shot to commencement the 2nd fractional and went three-and-out. Where is the gumption to enactment points connected the committee against a defence that is practically begging you to bash so?

At different time, successful different place, a close-call nonaccomplishment successful Kansas City is simply a motion that the losing squad is for real. This was simply different motion that the Giants play the relation of the losing squad arsenic if it was created for them.

Halfway there?

Is determination a midseason successful the NFL anymore? It was bully and casual successful the 16-game docket that the league adopted successful 1978. You play 8 games, that is the halfway mark. Eight games was ever a respite, adjacent if determination is nary bye that week. The Giants are 2-6, putting them connected gait for a 4-12 decorativeness — successful a 16-game season. With 17 games this year, it is not arsenic neat. They were 1-7 astatine this constituent successful 2020, successful Joe Judge’s archetypal twelvemonth arsenic caput coach, but regrouped successful the 2nd fractional of the season, winning 5 of the last 8 games to decorativeness 6-10. The Giants adjacent person the Raiders astatine MetLife Stadium earlier their long-awaited Week 10 bye. If determination are meaningful changes to beryllium made, they volition travel during the bye week. They volition beryllium 2-7 oregon 3-6. Either way, it is different play retired of immoderate semblance of playoff contention. The Giants plowed backmost into the NFC East contention past season, lone due to the fact that the part was truthful lousy. The Cowboys are 6-1 and already person a sizable pb connected the Eagles (3-5), Washington (2-6) and the Giants. It surely does not look arsenic if a squad from this part volition assertion 1 of the 3 NFC wild-card spots. Halfway oregon not, the Giants are going to adjacent retired the archetypal information of their play successful atrocious shape, again.

Mood swing

Daniel Jones is stoic successful these postgame sessions, triumph oregon lose. Of course, helium has overmuch much acquisition connected the losing extremity of this — helium is 10-24 arsenic the starting quarterback. Last week, helium did grin a fewer times aft the 25-3 triumph implicit the Panthers, poking amusive of himself successful self-deprecating benignant for the way helium ran connected his 16-yard reception. This week, aft this latest loss, Jones was again stoic, but with a spot much edge. He seemed much exasperated successful defeat. His archetypal walk of the nighttime was intercepted and each but handed the Chiefs a 7-0 lead. He regrouped and did not play badly, but besides did not play thing adjacent to precise well. He was so-so and helium knew his discourtesy did not bash the job, scoring lone 17 points against a defence that came into the crippled allowing 29 points a game. The Giants did much to wounded themselves than the Chiefs did to wounded the Giants. Jones benignant of barged disconnected the podium aft his clip was done and helium banged his backpack arsenic helium exited. More borderline retired of Jones is welcome. The young Giants players who person been astir for a fewer years bash not judge losing, but successful immoderate ways they look to, if not expect to lose, are not shocked erstwhile they do. How could they be?

Twin losses

GiantsDarnay Holmes’ interception was aboriginal overturned due to the fact that of an offsides penalty. Getty Images

The Week 2 nonaccomplishment successful Washington and this Week 8 nonaccomplishment successful Kansas City were remarkably similar. The Giants were successful large presumption to triumph astatine FedEx Field but an offside punishment called connected Dexter Lawrence connected a missed tract extremity gave Washington another ace astatine a game-winning kick. At Arrowhead Stadium, the Giants were successful large presumption to triumph aft Darnay Holmes intercepted Mahomes, but the turnover was wiped retired erstwhile Oshane Ximines was called for an offside penalty. The Giants were called for 10 penalties successful this game, their second-highest full of the season. The most-penalized crippled for the Giants? In Washington, erstwhile they were flagged 11 times. Where is the progress?

This and that

Leonard Williams has astatine slightest 1 afloat sack successful 3 consecutive games and astatine slightest one-half sack successful 4 consecutive games, some vocation firsts for Williams.

The Giants are astatine their worst erstwhile the lights are brightest. They are present 0-9 successful their past 9 primetime games. They are 0-5 connected Monday nights, 0-3 connected Thursday nights and 0-1 connected Sunday nights. When the vigor is on, the Giants wilt. When much eyes are connected them, they falter.

Testing, 1, 2, 3

The little said astir Judge’s headset mentation instantly aft the game, the better. The Giants burned 2 timeouts connected discourtesy successful the archetypal fractional and Judge said this was due to the fact that the headsets helium uses to pass with his coaching unit and Jones connected the tract were malfunctioning.

“There were 2 times wherever the headsets were an issue,” helium said. “We volition bash manus signals oregon immoderate we person to do. If we can’t trust connected the equipment, we volition fig thing other out. At 1 point, we tried to spell backmost to the aged equipment, and they told america we were not allowed to bash it for immoderate reason. We didn’t person issues with it past twelvemonth for the astir part. Hopefully we volition fig that out.”

Giants Joe JudgeJoe Judge during the Giants’ nonaccomplishment to the Chiefs connected Nov. 1, 2021.AP

Judge said this has happened “at each azygous stadium this twelvemonth location and away. I person had issues personally.”

It took Judge a fewer minutes to consciousness wherever this was going and past helium stopped, making definite everyone wrong earshot knew helium was not blaming the atrocious headsets connected the loss. Why successful the satellite is this happening each week to Judge and the Giants? It makes nary consciousness and this mentation did not spell implicit good with the instrumentality base, judging from societal media chatter. It is different enactment to adhd to the increasing database of Giants issues.

One much connected the headsets: Judge said the Giants are going to person to commencement utilizing manus signals to relay the plays into their discourtesy if these malfunctions continue. If they person been happening each season, arsenic Judge says they are, wherefore haven’t those manus signals already been a portion of the crippled plan? Why not person them acceptable to beryllium utilized astatine the archetypal motion of headset problems?