‘The Harder They Fall’s Edi Gathegi: Black Cowboys Have ‘Been Erased’ From History — Until Now

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Exclusive Interview

November 4, 2021 11:19AM EDT

‘The Harder They Fall’ is among Netflix’s most-watched movies astatine the moment. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with prima Edi Gathegi astir wherefore this movie is truthful important, his quality being the ‘protector,’ and more.

The Harder They Fall has been 1 of the astir highly-anticipated movies of the year, and present it’s retired for the satellite to see. Edi Gathegi is among the star-studded formed and plays Bill Pickett, a subordinate of Nat Love’s gang. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Edi astir the value of this all-Black Western.

“The happening that a batch of radical don’t realize, and that’s the calamity of our acquisition successful this state with regards to past and race, is 1 successful 4 cowboys were Black,” Edi told HollywoodLife. “We were decidedly there. We’ve conscionable been erased. We’re conscionable been near retired of the world of what was going connected during that clip period, truthful I’m truly blessed that we’re yet astatine a spot successful nine wherever we tin commencement to statesman the process of righting those wrongs, conscionable successful presumption of reflecting that practice successful our cinema, due to the fact that we person been systematically near out. So it’s truly fantastic to beryllium a portion of a movie that is continuing the conversation.”

Edi GathegiEdi Gathegi stars arsenic Bill Pickett successful ‘The Harder They Fall.’ (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

In the Western, outlaw Nat Love finds retired that his enemy, Rufus Buck, is being released from prison. Nat decides to reunite his pack to way Rufus down and get revenge. Bill Pickett goes on for the ride.

“This is simply a classical bully feline versus atrocious feline cowboy tale,” Edi explained. “Bill Pickett is portion of the bully feline crew. What’s truly fascinating astir this script, successful particular, is determination are humanities characters that existed, and they’ve been repurposed to archer this tale. So it’s a fictional communicative but a hybrid oregon conglomeration of existent humanities figures, which makes it truly absorbing and gives the actors a batch of country to propulsion from the existent characters portion inactive gathering thing new.”

As for however Bill fits into Nat Love’s gang, Edi said, “Bill is benignant of the large brother. Bill protects the crew. He watches their six. He’s the eagle oculus crew. He’s paying attraction to each the threats. He’s the protector. He’s that guy.”

For his relation successful The Harder They Fall, Edi had to spell done “cowboy camp” successful bid to beryllium prepared to play Bill Pickett. “The cute happening is that each histrion volition archer you connected their resume they each tin juggle, they thrust horses, they each talk 15 languages,” Edi said. “None of that is true, myself included. The occupation really gave maine equine riding lessons, truthful present I person it connected my resume and it’s the truth. That was 1 of the astir amusive aspects of this movie was learning however to thrust horses successful what we were calling cowboy campy — equine riding lessons and weapons training. It was truly indispensable due to the fact that that’s the satellite they’re surviving successful the communicative truthful we were successful months of training. I ever emotion projects that person the resources to thatch america caller lessons due to the fact that present I’ve go a large instrumentality of riding horses.”

The Harder They FallA country from ‘The Harder They Fall.’ (DAVID LEE/NETFLIX)

In summation to Edi, the formed besides includes Regina King, Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, and more. “The formed unsocial is simply a large selling constituent erstwhile it comes to deciding whether oregon not you’re going to beryllium a portion of a infinitesimal similar this. There’s a crushed wherefore everybody knows a batch of these actors’ names and their work. They’re professionals and truly astatine the apical of their game. I emotion watching Regina work. R.J. [Cyler] and I play characters that are beauteous overmuch brothers by humor but by bond. He, by extension, became a small member to me. This formed is astonishing and the endowment is adjacent level.”