The Home Alone house is on Airbnb. Sounds like a trap | Stuart Heritage

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In the interests of nationalist service, I request to marque you alert of a trap. Yesterday, a spot became disposable connected Airbnb. It is simply a ample location successful the Chicago area, disposable for 1 nighttime lone and it is suspiciously cheap. Look, it’s the Home Alone house.

Apparently, for $18 (£13.50), you and 3 friends tin enactment overnight successful the iconic McCallister residence. You volition beryllium greeted by the histrion who played Buzz McCallister. There volition beryllium pizza and different 90s junk food. There volition beryllium a reflector for you to shriek into. There whitethorn good beryllium a tarantula. It each seems excessively bully to beryllium true, doesn’t it? This is wherefore I americium convinced that whoever ends up staying determination volition beryllium robbed.

Buyer beware … the existent  McCallister location   disposable  for 1  nighttime  connected  Airbnb.
Buyer beware … the existent McCallister location disposable for 1 nighttime connected Airbnb. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Plenty of arsenic iconic movie locations person been turned into rental properties. Tony Stark’s log cabin from Avengers: Endgame is connected Airbnb, for example, arsenic is the Swan house from the Twilight films. You tin adjacent enactment successful the autobus from Spice World, if your interests hap to see some claustrophobia and bouts of unwarranted nostalgia.

I don’t person a occupation with immoderate of these properties. As locations go, they’re each comparatively benign. The compartment is wherever Tony Stark invented the clip question indispensable to decision Thanos. The Twilight location offered young Bella Swan a harmless haven from each the horny teenage vampires and werewolves that plagued her each move. The worst happening you could expect from staying a nighttime successful the Spice World autobus is an unwanted Meat Loaf cameo.

But the Home Alone house? Something doesn’t adhd up. Ostensibly the spot is being made disposable to coincide with the merchandise of the Disney+ movie Home Sweet Home Alone, but that doesn’t marque immoderate sense. Why people the merchandise of 1 movie by showing radical astir the determination of the superior original? Surely that would conscionable underline however unnecessary Home Sweet Home Alone is? It’d beryllium similar celebrating the signifier philharmonic Cats by inviting you to Rebel Wilson’s location and forcing you to ticker her sing.

No, thing other indispensable beryllium going on. My fear, and I don’t deliberation it is unfounded, is that Buzz McCallister has someway fallen successful with the Wet Bandits. Which I cognize doesn’t marque sense, due to the fact that the full constituent of the Wet Bandits is to rob houses that person been near vacant by their occupiers, and not filled with a clump of gawping, giddy movie fans.

But times change. My mentation is that, pursuing the events of Home Alone and Home Alone 2, the Wet Bandits became addicted to the chase. They nary longer bask elemental burglaries. Now the lone happening that gets them disconnected is the relentless intelligence coercion of strangers. Therefore, moving alongside Buzz, it seems earthy to presume that they person arranged for the McCallister spot – a location they cognize wrong out, retrieve – to beryllium occupied by a caller acceptable of people. Once they’re settled in, the Wet Bandits volition tempest in, origin untold bodily damage, instrumentality each of their belongings and past leave.

One mode astir this would beryllium for the guests to jerry-rig a fig of convulsive Rube Goldberg-style devices designed to repeatedly bring the Wet Bandits to the constituent of death. The other, much applicable way, would beryllium to not enactment successful the McCallister location astatine all. Just enactment astatine location and ticker Home Alone instead. The original, not the remake. You’re not a monster.