The Hottest Startups in Berlin

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Berlin remains one of Europe’s starriest tech hubs, with Atomico’s 2021 State of European Tech report ranking the metropolis 2nd lone to London successful superior investment, aft its startups collectively raised $7.1 cardinal (roughly €7.3 billion) successful 2021 alone. It’s been a changeless upward trajectory too, with concern expanding 150 percent year-on-year since 2017.

“We are yet reaping the fruits from an ecosystem that was dilatory successful developing,” says Bettine Schmitz, angel capitalist and laminitis of Auxxo, a VC money that focuses connected pistillate founders. “Now we person a coagulated basal of angels, investors, and scaled startups that are churning retired experienced aboriginal founders oregon C-levels.” With galore large valuations, specified arsenic N26 and Contentful, and caller investors connected the scene, Berlin is much vibrant than ever.

Julien Fredonie, caput of strategical task partnerships successful Europe and Africa for Honda’s Xcelerator program, notes Berlin’s modulation from an ecommerce and app powerhouse to a superior deeptech hub: Think hardware, AI, Web3, space, caller materials, energy, and biotech. “Berlin is becoming a starring climate-tech hub successful Europe,” helium says. “It’s attracting planetary talent, with a bully prime of surviving and planetary mindset.”


A pioneer successful lab-grown food (which really tastes good), Formo was founded by Raffael Wohlgensinger and Britta Winterberg successful 2019 and became Europe’s archetypal cellular agriculture institution by utilizing beverage proteins to nutrient animal-free dairy products. “Through precision fermentation, our rewired microorganisms marque nature-identical dairy ingredients, reducing the request for concern dairy and removing immoderate of the astir damaging elements of our nutrient system,” says Wohlgensinger. Lionheart Ventures, Happiness Capital, and Albert Wenger pitched successful to rise €42 million—the largest ever task backing circular successful European foodtech. Now, Formo’s absorption is connected scaling accumulation astatine its microorganism dairies, bringing products to marketplace by 2023, and, by 2030, replacing 10 percent of Europe’s dairy consumption. “Precision fermentation is utilized to marque highly specialized compounds, not bulk ingredients similar milk, truthful we’re investing successful ample facilities to brew beverage connected a large scale,” says Wohlgensinger. Taste remains its northbound star—Formo is moving with Michelin-starred cook Ricky Saward to make European specialities specified arsenic mozzarella and ricotta.

Sarah Bechstein, cofounder of FORMEL Skin, a integer level for dermatologists.Photograph: Wolfgang Stahr


Sarah Bechstein’s tendency to carve retired a vocation successful dermatology began with the terrible acne she experienced successful her teens. While studying astatine the prestigious grooming infirmary Charité Berlin, 1 of her professors treated her acne flareup with compounded medicine, which combines 2 oregon much drugs for a much personalized treatment. “I knew that this was the benignant of attraction I wanted to connection to my patients,” says Bechstein. “When the liberalization of telemedicine happened, I saw it was my accidental to marque a quality successful this breached system.” With cofounders Florian Semler and Anton Kononov, Bechstein launched FORMEL Skin successful June 2020, a integer level for dermatologists to present faster diagnoses for patients with chronic tegument conditions. Through a questionnaire and photograph submission, experts past formulate a personalized attraction program which is adjusted done regular check-ins. It has offered 150,000 treatments crossed Germany and Switzerland, with plans to grow extracurricular Europe soon. Rates commencement astatine astir €50 for a monthly subscription, and it’s raised €36 cardinal to date from Singular, Heal Capital, and Vorwerk Ventures.


With the rubric of Germany’s archetypal “green unicorn” aft having secured €150 cardinal from tech capitalist Softbank successful October 2021, Enpal was established successful 2017 and is present Germany’s largest supplier of star solutions, with implicit 12,000 homeowners connected its books. Its proprietary AI bundle plans the star installation successful seconds, and a squad of Enpal installers acceptable the photovoltaic panels connected roofs. With a subscription exemplary starting astatine €49 a period to wage for sheet leasing and usage, Enpal solves galore of the symptom points of star vigor adoption, from bureaucracy of installation to precocious upfront costs. The Enpal Academy trains aboriginal star strategy installers, and employees get stuck successful too, with 400 of the 1,000 unit base trained and progressive successful installation. Founders Jochen Ziervogel, Mario Kohle, and Viktor Wingert are acceptable connected making renewable vigor accessible to all, some domestically and abroad, and purpose to make an Enpal lawsuit web to stock vigor for electricity, mobility, and heating.


Speeding toward unicorn status, Moss has been valued astatine implicit $500 million little than 2 and a fractional years aft its aboriginal 2019 launch, with the latest backing led by Tiger Global Management and A-Star. It offers firm recognition cards that alteration small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to way their spending. Transactions amusement up instantly successful the Moss dashboards, and employees tin make virtual cards for online payments. Having issued 20,000 cards and processed 250,000 transactions successful Germany and the Netherlands, founders Ante Spittler, Anton Rummel, Ferdinand Meyer, and Stephan Haslebacher are present taking the Moss exemplary to the UK.


Founded successful 2018, Stenon is doing distant with the clip suck of sending ungraded samples to labs for testing, helping farmers to marque faster and much businesslike decisions connected harvest cultivation. The startup makes the portable FarmLab ungraded investigation tool, which uses sensors to instantly make parameters that see ungraded temperature, moisture, nutrient content, and pH value. “Soil information is simply a captious portion to thrust amended decisions, driving up productivity portion moving sustainably,” says laminitis Dominic Roth. “Stenon is successful the starring presumption for providing high-quality, real-time ungraded data, and aims not conscionable to connection precocious return-on-investment solutions to growers, but to physique retired the planetary ungraded information furniture for betterment of the nutrient system.” It is utilized by respective 100 farmers successful the German-speaking region, and volition motorboat successful the UK and California adjacent year. Stenon has raised implicit $26.8 million.


Raging endowment wars for cognition workers mean that companies contiguous are desperately looking for ways to pull and clasp the champion employees, frankincense creating an important powerfulness displacement betwixt employers and employees. The lone Pan-European fertility benefits level of its kind, Apryl enables companies to enactment employees connected their way to parenthood. Employee benefits see subsidies for attraction navigation, consultations, entree to clinics and treatments specified arsenic ovum and sperm freezing, IVF, adoption, and surrogacy. It’s raised $4.3 million.

Raffael Wohlgensinger, laminitis and CEO of Formo.Photograph: Wolfgang Stahr


The Buy Now, Pay Later exemplary is accelerated infiltrating the B2B sector, and Mondu is Germany’s prima entrant into the space. Established successful 2021 by Gil Danziger, Malte Huffmann, and Philipp Povel, it aims to dispersed retired startup finances and connection flexible outgo methods with nett presumption of 30, 60, oregon 90 days, and has seen thousand of businesses usage its platform, spanning cleaning, beauty, and manufacturing industries. Just 7 months aft its $14 cardinal effect round, Mondu raised $43 cardinal successful a Series A led by American task superior money Valar Ventures astatine the extremity of May. Next up: gathering connected its 100-strong squad and enlargement into Austria earlier the extremity of the summer, past much European markets to follow.


Vay users tin bid a KIA Niro electrical vehicle, remote-controlled by a quality “teledriver,” and person it driven straight to their location. When they’ve driven themselves to their destination, they conscionable get retired and alert the teledriver, who takes implicit again and drives the car away. Founded by ​​Thomas von der Ohe, Fabrizio Scelsi, and Bogdan Djukic successful 2018, it raised $95 cardinal successful Series B backing successful precocious 2021, led by investors Kinnevik, Coatue, and Eurazeo, with La Famiglia and Creandum continuing their support. Vay volition motorboat its fleet of remote-operated cars in Hamburg, and investors assertion the work could beryllium 60 percent cheaper than Uber. Vay besides wants to grow from the driverless-rental-meets-taxi work into logistics and deliveries.


Pile’s elemental API level enables existing fintechs, neobanks, and startups to integrate crypto done wallets oregon trading into their offering, dealing with the ineligible intricacies of astute contracts successful the background. The extremity is to marque it easier and smoother for fintechs to diversify their ain products, lowering acquisition costs and boosting lawsuit loyalty. Founded successful May 2022, it’s already raised €2.8 cardinal successful a pre-seed backing round with investors including Anthemis’ Female Innovators Lab, Barclays, and Pitch laminitis Christian Reber. After departing from Penta, the B2B slope she cofounded, laminitis Jessica Holzbach has large plans for Pile: Expand the founding squad from 4 to 12, proceedings faster planetary outgo gateways, and make tools to wage salaries successful crypto.


Founded by Isabel Poppek and Nils Vollmer successful 2020, Alpas’ procurement bundle helps mid-to-large manufacturing companies find, compare, and negociate suppliers. For the moment, it is focused connected concern companies that bargain instrumentality and electrical parts, making the sourcing astatine the commencement of the worth concatenation much transparent. By applying AI, the bundle is 10 times faster than existing players, according to the founders, and streamlines the identification, comparison, and absorption of existing and antecedently chartless suppliers. On the hunt for a radiator cooling fan, for example, you could dive into elaborate supplier profiles, get an automated punctuation to lucifer against others, and expect imaginable supplier risks—saving up to 40 percent of procurement costs. The Y Combinator alumni counts German conglomerate BASF, the Swiss Federal Railways AG, and Landis+Gyr among its clients. With concern from task capitalist Ann-Kristin Achleitne and erstwhile CTO of Spotify Andreas Ehn, it has raised $2.2 cardinal to date.