The Immigration Minister’s Decision to Cancel Djokovic’s Visa

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The Australian Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, successful a much-anticipated decision, cancelled Novak Djokovic’s visa connected Friday, January 14, 2022, a fewer minutes earlier 6 p.m. The Minister stated that helium exercised his powerfulness “under conception 133C (3) of the Migration Act to cancel the visa … connected wellness and bully bid grounds, connected the ground that it was successful the nationalist involvement to bash so.”

The Minister’s determination sent ripples done the planetary media and triggered Djokovic’s urgent petition to beryllium granted an injunction to forestall his deportation, enabling him to play successful the Australian Open.

Although online polling suggests that 82 percent of radical o.k. of the Minister’s decision, the cancellation of Djokovic’s visa is not greeted with cosmopolitan approval. For example, Rebecca Weisser, successful an nonfiction published anterior to the cancellation, opined that “the absurdity of denying the world’s fig 1 tennis subordinate the close to vie successful the Australian Open is matched lone by Australia’s illogical and draconian Covid regulations” and that “Prime Minister Scott Morrison should amusement immoderate Christian foundation towards Djokovic, judge his apology for immoderate mistakes successful his visa exertion and let him to bash what helium does best—play fantastic tennis.”

However, Weisser’s connection conflates 2 issues. The archetypal contented relates to the question arsenic to whether an unvaccinated idiosyncratic should beryllium allowed to participate Australia, quarantine-free, for the intent of playing successful the Australian Open, and second, whether Australia’s analyzable COVID-19 visa rules should beryllium respected careless of however convoluted and illogical they mightiness be.

Indeed, it is perfectly conceivable to reason compulsory vaccination and judge that violations of Australia’s visa rules warrant the cancellation of Djokovic’s visa.

With regards to the archetypal issue, Djokovic’s parent showed her vexation when, successful a property conference, she demanded to cognize wherefore Australians are upset that her champion tennis lad opposes vaccination. She pointed retired that Djokovic is simply a antheral successful his mid-thirties who should beryllium allowed to marque his ain decisions. Her plea suggests that the unvaccinated should beryllium allowed to play successful the Australian Open, and that compulsory vaccination constitutes a usurpation of a person’s rights, protected by the Australian Constitution and applicable planetary instruments.

The close of radical to stay unvaccinated is discussed successful a precocious published publication titled, “Emergency Powers, COVID-19 Restrictions & Mandatory Vaccination: A ‘Rule of Law’ Perspective.” The authors of the publication reason that vaccine mandates facilitate the improvement of an unequal nine wherever the unvaccinated go second-class citizens, excluded from astir activities of regular life. The publication details the devastating consequences of Australia becoming an illiberal country.

Although the Immigration Minister excruciatingly delayed a determination connected Djokovic’s visa, helium yet made his determination which, considering the circumstances of the case, is the close decision. What started arsenic a bumbling borderline operation, which deprived Djokovic of capable clip to supply accusation to the authorities, soon escalated into a existent saga, which captivated the prurient imaginativeness of the planetary property and formed Australia successful a antagonistic light.

Djokovic’s exemption exertion was granted connected the crushed that helium received a affirmative COVID-19 microorganism trial connected Dec. 16, 2021 but failed to isolate arsenic required by the Serbian authorities. However, Djokovic claimed successful an Instagram station that helium had nary thought helium had contracted the microorganism erstwhile afterwards helium participated successful assorted activities, handing retired awards to young tennis players. He besides gave an interrogation to a French paper, L’Equipe, erstwhile helium was already alert of his corruption and failed to disclose it to the interviewer.

The crippled thickened erstwhile it was revealed that helium wrongly answered a question connected his Travel Declaration form, which asked whether helium had travelled to different state during the fourteen days earlier coming to Australia. He ticked the “no” box, but it has since been revealed, and acknowledged by Djokovic himself, that helium travelled to Spain, wherever helium trained successful Marbella to hole for the Australian Open.

There are exorbitant fines, adjacent imprisonment, for making a mendacious declaration. Djokovic has since apologised for the error, claiming that this is thing other but a “human error” and that, successful immoderate event, an cause had completed the signifier connected his behalf. In doing so, helium attributes blasted to a 3rd party, alternatively of taking work himself for this mendacious declaration.

Then, Der Spiegel, a respected German magazine, claimed that the results of his COVID-19 trial whitethorn person been manipulated due to the fact that determination appears to beryllium a occupation with the integer dates of the trial results, which suggest that a antagonistic trial was obtained earlier a affirmative effect was recorded. Djokovic relied connected the affirmative trial to summation a aesculapian exemption to participate Australia.

The veracity of the Der Spiegel communicative has not been confirmed. He is present being investigated successful Serbia for violating COVID-19 isolation requirements pursuing a affirmative test.

The Djokovic squad besides claimed that helium had a diplomatic passport which allows him to enactment successful Australia. However, the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade indicates that possession of specified a passport does not insulate a idiosyncratic from the COVID-19 regulations.

The Minister of Immigration, relying connected extended interior and outer ineligible advice, has present decided to cancel Djokovic’s visa.

Although the unrelenting penalisation of the unvaccinated is simply a gross usurpation of people’s quality rights and a deplorable improvement successful Australian politics, determination are visa rules and, successful this case, determination are capable reasons to reason they person been violated oregon treated with benign neglect.

Sections of the Australian polity whitethorn good beryllium powerfully opposed to the improvement of Australia arsenic a two-tier society, wherever the conception of equality is but a distant reminder of the past. However, the visa rules, illogical and disproportionate they whitethorn be, are not egregious violations of the regularisation of law, provided they are decently publicised, and their implementation does not accord preferential attraction to members of the privileged class.

If Australians are expected to abide by these rules connected symptom of terrible penalties—as has been observed connected galore occasions—which are brutally enforced by politicised constabulary forces, overseas visitors besides request to obey these rules adjacent if they are inconvenient and moronic.

The Djokovic saga is unfinished business. His ineligible squad sought, and received, an injunction to alteration his lawsuit to beryllium heard successful the Federal Court of Australia. This Court has present scheduled a substantive proceeding which volition beryllium held successful the greeting of Sunday, Jan. 16—less than 24 hours earlier the commencement of the Australian Open—before Justice David O’Callaghan. Perhaps Djokovic volition person yet different devastating service connected his racquet?

Djokovic’s ineligible action, fuelled by a litigious propensity and aimed astatine overturning the cancellation of his visa, volition origin irreparable harm to Australia and the Australian Open. The aboriginal volition uncover the grade of the interaction of this saga connected the estimation of the iconic tennis tournament, the players, and the organisers.

It would beryllium bittersweet if COVID-19 had the unintended effect of destroying what is universally regarded arsenic an breathtaking assemblage stopper and glorious sporting event.

Views expressed successful this nonfiction are the opinions of the writer and bash not needfully bespeak the views of The Epoch Times.

Gabriël Moens


Gabriël A. Moens AM is an emeritus prof of instrumentality astatine the University of Queensland, and served arsenic pro vice-chancellor and dean astatine Murdoch University. In 2003, Moens was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal by the premier curate for services to education. He has taught extensively crossed Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Moens has precocious published 2 novels “A Twisted Choice” (Boolarong Press, 2020) and “The Coincidence” (Connor Court Publishing, 2021).