The inauspicious similarities between Robert Saleh’s debut and the early Adam Gase era

2 months ago 47

If Jets fans are feeling a small déjà vu, you can’t blasted them.

The commencement of Robert Saleh’s tenure with the Jets feels remarkably similar the commencement of Adam Gase’s tenure with the Jets successful 2019.

We each cognize however it ended up going with Gase; conscionable bringing up his sanction makes Jets fans angry.

A illustration  shows the New York Jets' results successful  the archetypal  six games with Adam Gase and Robert Saleh arsenic  caput  coach.

The 2 seasons carnivore a striking resemblance. Both teams opened up with a adjacent loss, though successful 2019, the Jets blew a large pb and successful 2021, the Jets were down each game. After that, some teams had immoderate games wherever they were not that competitory and past followed it up with a shocking win.