The Knocks Unite With Parson James For ‘An Ode To The End Of Summer’ In New Dance Bop ‘River’

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October 22, 2021 3:00PM EDT

With summertime firmly successful their rearview, physics euphony duo The Knocks transmission a dash of ‘hopefulness for what’s ahead’ successful their caller opus with Parson James.

For those successful North America, the temperatures are starting to consciousness a small much similar Autumn. While the confederate parts of the United States are inactive dealing with forecasts successful the 80s and 90s, The Knocks are acceptable to chill it down a spot with their caller song. With the charming vocals from vocalist Parson James, the EDM duo stock “River,” a soothing and refreshing creation way that volition marque you privation to instrumentality a ‘swim’ connected the creation floor. With a chorus that encourages you to “keep your caput supra water” and accumulation that seems arsenic uplifting arsenic a pleasant raft thrust down a winding stream, “River” is simply a splash of warmth and joyousness for the ears.

“We started this opus backmost successful quarantine lockdown, and the archetypal thought was sample-based,” the Knocks archer HollywoodLife. “Kind of this warm, aurally pleasing mellow track. After stepping distant from it for a fewer months, we yet revisited and became much inspired to displacement gears and marque it into thing brighter and much energetic. We past sent the thought implicit to Parson, who added adjacent much beingness into it with his unthinkable vocal and idiosyncratic storytelling. ‘River’ is an ode to the extremity of the summertime and the hopefulness for what’s ahead.”

(Joe Perri)

What lies up for The Knocks? Judging by their past output, 1 tin expect a ton of large music. To accidental that The Knocks (Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “Mr. JPatt” Patterson) person kept engaged during 2021 would beryllium an understatement. The radical has released “R U High” with vocalist Mallrat, “Bedroom Eyes” with Studio Killers, and “Sound The Alarm,” featuring River Cuomo of Weezer and singer-songwriter Royal & The Serpent.

(Joe Perri)

The duo besides applied their remixing skills connected songs by Leah Kate (“F-ck Up The Friendship”), The Maine (“Sticky”), and Thunder Jackson (“Colors”). The Knocks worked with Holiday87 connected some the Daybreak EP, arsenic good arsenic Holiday87’s collab with Minke (“Sweet Nothings”). The radical besides teamed with Foster The People for the Melody & Silence EP and with Purple Disco Machine and Moss Kena for a postulation of “Fireworks” remixes. This prolific streak doesn’t look similar it’ll extremity soon – which is fantabulous news. That means that The Knocks volition bless 2022 with adjacent much music, ensuring determination is an ode not conscionable for summertime but for spring, fall, winter, and each play to come.