The Madness of Gender Quotas

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There’s a comic fracas evolving present successful Australia implicit the National Jazz Awards. This twelvemonth this large grant focused connected jazz pianists, and the 10 finalists person been announced.

Please instrumentality a look astatine them here. Horrors, they are each men!

There’s been overmuch disquiet astatine this politically incorrect outcome, peculiarly since, owed to COVID-19, the contention was judged done unsighted online auditions.

All 10 champion candidates conscionable happened to beryllium men.

Naturally, the precise progressive women successful our jazz satellite instantly started complaining, saying it needed to beryllium made “fairer” by removing the unsighted audition and including a sex quota.

And the Australia National Jazz Awards are not the lone prize that the quota ideology has touched.

Scientific American has conscionable published an intriguing article astir the astir prestigious grant fixed by the world’s largest world and abstraction subject society, the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

The AGU’s Fellows Award recognises members who person made exceptional contributions to their fields done technological innovation, breakthroughs, and discoveries.

The database of the apical 5 candidates, each nominated by peers aft a rigorous process, emerged for 2021—and they were each men.

So, the committee charged with making the last determination astir the fellowship wimped out. The fellowship was not awarded.

What a brainsick satellite we present unrecorded in.

When decisions based connected merit are greeted with alarm if they don’t hap to see women.

Epoch Times Photo A pistillate holds a motion speechmaking “Feminism = Equality” arsenic she takes portion successful a nationwide women’s onslaught for wage parity extracurricular the national palace successful the Swiss superior Bern, connected June 14, 2019. (Stefan Wermuth/AFP/Getty Images)

This changeless kowtowing to the sex warriors is atrocious capable erstwhile it deprives hard-working scientists oregon musicians of designation for their achievements, but acold worse is erstwhile it puts our information astatine risk.

That’s what’s happening successful each mode of captious services similar defence, police, and firefighting.

I’ve had galore firefighters penning to maine astir this issue, ever since I attracted a immense feminist pile-on 2 years agone for a Twitter post astir Australia’s brave firefighters, pointing retired that it is chiefly men who are risking their lives to prevention others.

I gave acknowledgment for the bully successful men.

It led to a comic skirmish erstwhile 1 of our salient feminists claimed the photograph I utilized successful that tweet showed a pistillate firefighter.

She turned retired to beryllium wrong—the photograph showed a antheral firefighter, arsenic discussed successful this tv interview.

Naturally, our media responded by madly promoting pistillate firefighters, showing photos of the tiny numbers of women really progressive successful warring the dreadful bushfires Australia was past experiencing.

We are presently witnessing a ludicrous run aiming for 50 percent pistillate firefighters.

I’ve conscionable enactment retired a video astir this brainsick concern which shows that alongside the existent quotas, there’s a systematic whitewashing of the existent facts astir women’s relation successful firefighting. Their capabilities are misrepresented, and the problems with smaller, weaker radical struggling with precise hard carnal tasks are denied.

Many women are being treated arsenic prima recruits, fixed an casual thrust to get into the service, leapfrogging implicit able, hard-working men to execute promotion—all to showcase that our occurrence services are embracing diversity.

Epoch Times Photo Fire and Rescue unit tally to determination their motortruck arsenic a bushfire burns adjacent to a large roadworthy and homes connected the outskirts of the municipality of Bilpin successful Sydney, Australia, connected Dec. 19, 2019. (David Gray/Getty Images)

Firefighting is seen arsenic 1 of the past bastions of masculinity, a boy’s nine which showcases men’s toughness, courage, and strength.

Naturally, feminists person been determined to beryllium this wrong, getting women into the occupation to amusement there’s thing women can’t do.

Now clearly, there’s nary occupation with women becoming firefighters, provided they tin really bash the work. But it is inactive chiefly men doing the truly pugnacious jobs successful the occurrence work arsenic successful astir different careers, which are unsafe and physically difficult.

Here we person a occupation that everyone knows sometimes requires existent bodily spot and endurance, and present we person to unreal that’s not so.

It’s putting lives astatine risk. A elder firefighter described the hazards for his squad erstwhile they were distracted from their indispensable task of managing a hazard simplification to orchestrate an ambulance rescue for a young pistillate firefighter connected the constituent of collapse. There are galore akin stories.

The firefighting lit shows that retention rates are poor for pistillate recruits, with a survey of unpaid firefighters showing reasons for dropping out, including instrumentality being excessively dense and stowed excessively precocious connected trucks and problems with their protective gear.

There’s besides evidence that pistillate firefighters acquisition higher rates of wounded than antheral firefighters.

Male firefighters regularly screen for pistillate colleagues who can’t negociate each the jobs—women are exempted from carrying ladders, connecting hoses, and handling different hard tasks.

Knowing your workfellow can’t backmost you up successful an exigency doesn’t precisely animate confidence.

I heard from a policeman who was severely beaten by a immense drunk operator helium was trying to arrest. His pistillate spouse wasn’t overmuch help—she’d locked herself safely successful the constabulary van.

Epoch Times Photo

Interestingly, women successful the occurrence work are doing incredibly well. For example, the latest 2018-19 Champions of Change report connected women’s advancement successful firefighting notes that the captious nationalist absorption body, the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services, is present 65 percent women.

Overall, lone astir 5 percent of Australian nonrecreational firefighters are women and astir 14 percent of unpaid firefighters, but this study shows 29 percent of cardinal absorption are female.

It’s besides pleasing to enactment determination person been objections to what’s happening present from pistillate firefighters.

Many of these women are acrophobic astir each these efforts to crook the rules to admit much women, knowing that volition detract from their ain achievements.

In the authorities of Victoria, pistillate national members tried unsuccessfully to instrumentality ineligible enactment to effort to halt sex quotas.

Sensible men and women cognize that specified measures undermine the legitimacy of competent women who enactment hard and bash the occupation good and make resentment and discontent successful the services.

But nary of this matters to bosses busily pandering to the sex mob and their lackeys successful the media.

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Bettina Arndt is an Australian writer and societal commentator connected sex issues. She was the country’s archetypal enactment therapist and feminist, earlier focusing connected men’s rights. Arndt has authored respective books and has written for large paper titles, magazines, and has featured regularly connected television. She received the Order of Australia successful 2020 for her enactment successful promoting sex equity done advocacy for men. Find her online astatine her blog,

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