‘The Masked Singer’s Hamster Reveals Why Pal Kevin James Would Be ‘Perfect’ For The Show

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The Hamster has been revealed! The well-known comedian spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL astir however helium pulled disconnected performing successful the costume and which of his celebrated friends would bash the champion connected the show.

And the Hamster is… Rob Schneider! The celebrated comedian was unmasked and revealed arsenic the hilarious Hamster connected the October 20 occurrence of The Masked Singer. While his clip connected The Masked Singer has travel to an end, his performances volition spell down arsenic immoderate of the astir amusive and memorable moments.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Rob astir wherefore helium decided to do the show, and the comedian admitted that helium wanted to bash thing his young kids could watch. He besides revealed that it was “really blistery and precise sweaty” wrong the Hamster suit, and helium went to large lengths not to overheat. The comedian adjacent weighed successful astir which of his celebrated drama friends would bash the champion connected this show.

Rob SchneiderRob Schneider was revealed arsenic the Hamster. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Why did you determine to bash The Masked Singer? When was the infinitesimal you said, “I’m in?”
Rob Schneider: I was flipping the channels 1 day, and I heard astir the amusement and I watched it. I was like, “Why haven’t they called maine yet?” This is the 1 amusement I’m cleanable for due to the fact that it’s athletes, comedians, singers, and it’s fun. My kids emotion it. I’ve got small kids truthful they’re not capable to spot my movies, yet, oregon possibly ever. I privation them to spot thing that I do, truthful it’s a bully small astonishment erstwhile we spot it.

How did you settee connected the Hamster costume?
Rob Schneider: All the really, truly scary ones were taken — the toothless babe and the dormant fish. It’s comic due to the fact that the producers say, “Listen, if you don’t privation to get kicked disconnected close away, bash thing cute.” And I went like, “Yeah, I don’t privation to get kicked disconnected close away.” As soon arsenic you get into it, you commencement reasoning it’s a contention astatine the extremity of the day. It’s a competition, and I privation to bash good. And past aft a mates of times, you don’t get kicked off, your ego gets to you saying, “Maybe I tin triumph the full thing.” And past you spot existent performers, existent singers similar the Bull and the Pepper. My goodness, they’re amazing.

Could you determination good successful the Hamster costume? I cognize a batch of the costumes are hard to determination astir in, but the costume seemed agile. What was it similar performing successful the Hamster costume?
Rob Schneider: No one’s asked that question. It’s existent that it was truly blistery and precise sweaty. What I would bash is I would virtually determination h2o down my cervix earlier I went retired there. Literally, down my beforehand and everything. I was wholly soaked each clip I was retired there, and it cools you down due to the fact that you request to, otherwise, it’s conscionable excessively hot. You tin overheat. You’re fundamentally wearing a wetsuit. I chopped the sleeves disconnected and I’m conscionable fundamentally successful my undies. I conscionable determination h2o everyplace and conscionable spell for it — connected my caput and everything. I knew I had astir 20 minutes earlier I started to overheat. This is benignant of boring to speech astir but it’s endurance due to the fact that I truly person claustrophobia. I had 2 older brothers truthful they would enactment maine successful sleeping bags and successful closets and stuff, truthful I’ve been claustrophobic my full life. So I was conscionable like, however bash I survive? The archetypal time and rehearsals were the toughest, and past you benignant of get utilized to it. They’re ace bully and virtually betwixt takes and everything they person radical moving a instrumentality close underneath your mask. They cognize what they’re doing. I mean, it truly is the fig 1 amusement for a reason.

Was it heavy?
Rob Schneider: It was heavy. It wounded my cervix a small bit, and they benignant of weighted it down to similar this happening successful your back. But it’s a hamster outfit. It’s truly heavy, and past you’ve got the elephantine ears with those things connected it, truthful it’s similar Dr. Dre receptor stuff, and past you benignant of get utilized to it. For fractional an hour, I’ve got this thing. Once you get done the song, you’re like, I tin marque it different 5 minutes. The archetypal clip successful rehearsal, I was like, “I gotta get retired of this. I can’t bash this.” I consciousness atrocious due to the fact that immoderate of the different radical person had immoderate akin problems, too.

For your past performance, you sang successful Spanish, which was ace impressive. Why did you execute that song, and however did you prepare?
Rob Schneider: My wife’s Mexican. My kids’ archetypal connection is Spanish. I wanted them to perceive maine sing and bash thing different. I thought for definite they can’t footwear maine disconnected due to the fact that I conscionable sang successful Spanish. Wouldn’t it beryllium racist if they kicked maine off? I was hoping for anything. I’ll drawback anything, but it wasn’t to be. I got kicked off.

HamsterRob Schneider arsenic the Hamster connected ‘The Masked Singer.’ (FOX)

You besides performed “Pretty Woman” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Which show was your favorite?
Rob Schneider: I didn’t recognize “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was specified successful my groove line. I’ve ne'er sung that opus successful my beingness before, and the lyrics are truly fun. I conscionable benignant of made it my ain due to the fact that I didn’t truly perceive to Freddie Mercury’s version. I conscionable made it my ain and played with it. I’d heard it, but I ne'er truly listened to it, similar each the lyrics. It’s truly a classic. It’s 1 of those songs that’s going to play everlastingly due to the fact that it’s conscionable a large song. Until you execute something, you don’t truly get the essence of it, but past you bash it astir 40 oregon 50 times successful rehearsal and you spell okay, it truly is immoderate cosmopolitan fun. I thought that was truly amusive and the Spanish opus was hard due to the fact that of the lyrics and everything. I don’t privation to screw it up successful beforehand of nationalist TV and everything. That was the astir tense one, but it’s fun. The full happening is fun. I’ve ne'er worked connected a TV amusement wherever the producers conscionable spell retired of their mode to marque you consciousness comfortable. They’re conscionable terrific people.

You person galore celebrated friends successful the industry. Is determination 1 of them that you deliberation would bash truly good connected this show?
Rob Schneider: I deliberation Kevin James would beryllium cleanable due to the fact that helium could really dance. He’s precise physical. He tin dance, and you request to creation connected the show. That was my mistake, not moving enough. But I deliberation Kevin James would termination it. I truly do. And I deliberation he’d person amusive due to the fact that Kevin’s astir having a bully time. He is conscionable large astatine anything, truthful I deliberation helium would beryllium cleanable for that. David Spade not truthful overmuch due to the fact that he’s much claustrophobic than me. [Adam] Sandler? Claustrophobic. Chris Rock can’t sing astatine all.