The noughties are back – but do they warrant a revival? | Jess Cartner-Morley

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Britney and Bennifer. Cristiano Ronaldo astatine Manchester United. A caller bid of Sex and the City. Trucker caps and dresses with peekaboo cutouts. Wait, is it 2021, oregon 2003?

The noughties are back. Don’t blasted me: this isn’t conscionable a manner happening – it is personage culture, TV and adjacent football. Also, bash not confuse “the noughties are back” with “the noughties are chill again”, due to the fact that the 2 are rather different. When thing is ripe for popular civilization nostalgia, that means it is past history.

Being aged capable to retrieve the existent noughties does not marque you immoderate benignant of oracle connected the noughties revival, due to the fact that our memories are not the constituent here. The procreation starring this peculiar revival are reliving memories of their ain – puerility ones of their mums picking them up from schoolhouse successful Juicy Couture tracksuits, oregon of the formative nighttime they came downstairs successful their jimjams and saw Christina Aguilera successful chaps connected precocious nighttime MTV. “I was there” doesn’t marque you hip, it conscionable makes you old.

Were the noughties really immoderate good, though? Do they warrant a revival? The gold-script sanction necklaces were solid, to beryllium fair. But if determination is glory successful cargo pants and Ugg boots, it is arsenic beatified relics of the past days of a beingness that wasn’t ruled by phones and societal media. The noughties are the span betwixt the pre-internet era, and the beingness we unrecorded now.

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I retrieve the time the Guardian gave maine a BlackBerry – Google it, kids! – and I walked down the thoroughfare clicking retired emails connected my small keypad and, wow, I mean arsenic acold arsenic I was acrophobic I was virtually Hillary Clinton. Look astatine me! I’m truthful busy. I’m truthful important! Funny to deliberation that aft each the panic astir the millennium bug, erstwhile New Year’s Day dawned successful 2000 and the clocks were inactive ticking and the aeroplanes hadn’t fallen retired of the sky, we thought that Y2K had been a mendacious alarm and embedding exertion into the frontal cortex of our brains hadn’t destroyed civilisation aft all.

Two decades later, it feels much and much arsenic if the Y2K doomsayers had a point. Technology did benignant of clang our culture; it conscionable didn’t hap connected the changeable of midnight.

Noughties manner is not an casual look to deterioration arsenic an adult. I don’t program my outfits astir my bedazzled belly fastener ring, and I’m guessing that you don’t either. Oh, and the colours! All bubblegum pinks and mermaid aquas, similar a six-year-old girl’s bedroom.

But determination are immoderate bully bits we tin cherry-pick. Gucci decorator Alessandro Michele told maine precocious that helium thought Tom Ford’s epoch astatine the house, which ended successful 2004, was “magical”. All slouchy trousers and corset tops, pencil skirts and silk trenchcoats, those apparel look similar the 90s, but hotter. (Don’t instrumentality my connection for it: TikTok superstar Addison Rae wore 2003 Tom Ford for Gucci to the Met Gala this year.) And I’m consenting to place the decade’s hideous frameless sunglasses if it means a greenish airy to spaghetti-strap vest tops, which I inactive similar to T-shirts, if I’m honest, contempt camisoles having been unfashionable for 2 decades.

What’s more, the noughties gave bully handbag. The Dior Saddle bag, introduced successful 2000, was lightweight capable to slot neatly betwixt your limb and your ribcage. In a cashless property of travelling light, possibly we tin swap the super-practical cross-body for an old-school enarthrosis bag. You know, adjacent time.