The Out-of-Touch Adults' Guide To Kid Culture: Are Swingers Really Hooking Up on TikTok?

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TikTok is having an individuality crisis. Once astir exclusively the location of teenagers making up creation moves and worshipping Satan, this week, some job-seekers and swingers are having moments connected the site, pointing to (gasp) maturity.

TikTok is for swingers

In a motion that the TikTok’s idiosyncratic basal is maturing, swingers are swarming the societal media platform. Polyamorous people, throuples, frouples, and possibly adjacent quidrouples are posting videos nether the #Swingtok tag to document notable hook-ups, share details of their regular lives, answer questions from funny normies, and make soiled jokes. TikTok fame has resulted successful members of “the lifestyle” being revealed to household members and immoderate bans for violating TikTok’s TOS, but they’re not going anywhere: The #Swingtok tag has implicit 600 cardinal views.

Related fun-fact I learned today: Displaying a pineapple, particularly an upside-down pineapple, is utilized by immoderate swingers to advertise their manner choices connected the DL. Others deliberation it’s corny.

TikTok is for getting a job

Swingers aren’t the lone young-adults utilizing TikTok to further their deviant lifestyles. Job-seekers are too. The #CareerTok hash has implicit 100 cardinal views. It’s not precise sexy, but it’s crammed with helpful job-search tips, video resumés, and thirsty marketers hoping to drawback a trend.

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And it’s really working, with galore TikTok users reporting interrogation offers based connected videos. Employers are starting to announcement too. Chipotle, hopeless for workers successful the existent market, has been “experimenting” with utilizing TikTok and different societal media platforms to find workers since 2019, and the National Hockey League precocious hired a lensman it recovered among the creation videos and constitution tutorials.

As you’d astir apt guess, TikTok job-hunting is simply a amended acceptable for radical successful “personality”-heavy fields similar income and selling than it for budding neurosurgeons.

TikTok is for dumb trends and viral nonsense

Just truthful you don’t deliberation TikTok is being wholly overrun with aboriginal wage-slaves and intersexual hedonists, the pursuing dumb, meaningless crap is besides trending connected the societal media platform.

  • A Medieval Knight: Rigo Cardenas, 22, plays astatine knight astatine the Medieval Times edifice successful Buena Park, California. A stranger uploaded a couple of clips of his performance this week, and they went viral, wracking up millions of views and comments similar “HE CAN SHEATH HIS SWORD IN ME ANY DAY” and a statement arsenic to whether Cadenas looks much similar Bucky Barnes oregon Kylo Ren.
  • Rubbing the underside of your tongue: This 1 is delightfully dumb and juvenile, but many TikTok users are posting videos of themselves rubbing the underside of their tongues with their fingers. Reportedly, it feels precisely similar a penis. (You cognize you conscionable tried it.)
  • Eating bugs: The latest imaginable summons to going viral connected TikTok is simple: Just devour a large vessel of bugs. The bug-eating videos (which are mostly fake) are showing up successful TT’s #fyp catch-all tag with specified frequency, users are asking however they tin marque it stop.

Marvels ‘Eternals’ goes rotten

Marvel’s astounding tally of box-office and captious occurrence whitethorn beryllium coming to an end. The latest movie successful the extended universe, Eternals, comes retired connected November 5, and the beforehand connection from critics is so-so astatine best. It’s presently sitting astatine 52 percent “rotten” astatine rottentomatoes.

Critical sentiment astir apt won’t termination the movie—I mean who hasn’t longed for a two-and-half-hour epic featuring beloved Marvel heroes similar Sersi and Phastos redeeming the world oregon immoderate they do? Plus, it was directed by Chloé Zhao, whose past movie was poignant ode to poetic homelessness Nomadland, a cleanable acceptable for a big-budget spectacle. (Seriously: I similar that Marvel is giving indie directors the reigns to large franchises, but this 1 whitethorn beryllium a misfire.)

This week successful movie promotion: Morbius and Boba Fett trailers drop

This is genuinely a aureate property for the planetary monetization of intelligence property. Disney, owners of some Marvel and Star Wars, has released a trailer for each with Marvel’s Morbius and Star Wars’ The Book of Boba Fett.

Morbius tells the communicative of Marvel anti-hero Morbius. I’m definite you’re arsenic acquainted with him arsenic you are with Eternals, but if not: Michael Morbius was a biochemist who tries to cure himself of a humor illness and turned himself into a vampire. He was erstwhile a villain to Spider-Man, but present helium is an anti-hero. He besides has a Ph.D, truthful delight telephone him Doctor Morbius, The Living Vampire, arsenic a amusement of respect.

Bounty huntsman Boba Fett has yet to gain his doctorate, but he’s inactive qualified to prima successful The Book of Boba Fett, an upcoming bid that volition beryllium shown connected Disney+ connected December 29. The series, a spin-off from wildly fashionable The Mandalorian, reportedly features Fett, station being thrown successful the Sarlaac pit, returning to Tatooine to instrumentality implicit Jabba the Hutt’s transgression empire.

Viral video of the week: What your aboriginal 20s volition beryllium like

Twenty-five twelvemonth aged YouTube cartoonist TheOdd1sOut has earned astir six cardinal views connected YouTube for “What Your Early Twenties Will Be Like,” an animated a usher to what to expect from young adulthood. While the cartoon is aimed squarely astatine the teenagers who marque up the bulk of TheOdd1sOut’s fanbase, it’s hilarious and relatable nary substance however aged you are. Adults truly are bushed astatine each times! We do spell bald, get ace boring, and walk each of our escaped clip doing laundry and dishes!