The Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide to Kid Culture: Why Is Lil Yachty in Poland?

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 Why Is Lil Yachty successful  Poland?

Halloween is coming, and things are getting precise weird. Rapper Lil Yachty is taking a locomotion to Poland, and TikTokers are putting pumpkins connected their heads, buying each the skeletons connected earth, and making their pets into demons. Oh, and NFT marketers are entering the TikTok-sphere to prevarication to kids astir the metaverse.

Viral video of the week: Lil Yachty Poland (Music Video)

If you’re astir young radical this week, you volition perceive them singing astir walking to Poland. The culprit is rapper Lil Yachty’s “Poland,” a dreamy ear-worm with a chorus that volition drill close into your encephalon and unrecorded determination until you excessively are besides walking astir chanting, “I took a woooock to Poland.” The “official” video, successful which Yachty does, successful fact, locomotion astir successful Poland, was released a fractional hr earlier I wrote this, but if doesn’t person a cardinal hits successful the adjacent day, I’ll beryllium shocked.

As for what the opus means, there’s a treble meaning successful the connection “walk/wock.” Wock is supposedly abbreviated for Wockhardt, a pharmaceutical institution that makes codeine cough syrup. It makes a batch much consciousness erstwhile combined with the track’s leaned-out, warbly lo-fi vibe. But possibly I’m incorrect and it’s conscionable a large opus astir walking astir successful Eastern Europe. Check it out and determine for yourself.

TikTok gears up for Halloween

TikTok is celebrating the champion holiday, Halloween, successful its ain peculiar way. Below are 3 TikTok trends related to the spooky season.

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  • The instrumentality of TikTok pumpkinheads: For the 2nd twelvemonth successful a row, TikTok is celebrating Halloween by purchasing immense pumpkins, hollowing them out, and moving astir and posing for hilarious photos. It’s telephone the Pumpkinhead Photoshoot Challenge, and it rules.
  • Belial, Behemoth, and Beelzebub invade TikTok: Famous demons Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, and Lucifer person ne'er been truthful adorable. In a caller situation oregon inclination oregon whatever, TikTokers are freeze-framing their pets (dogs, ferrets, ducks and adjacent a raven) to look similar the named demons implicit a moody Neo-goth soundtrack. As ever with these things, it’s much amusive to watch than explain.

Creator of the #PorcelainChallenge banned from TikTok

TikTok can’t instrumentality a joke. Sebastian Durfee, formerly known arsenic @childprogeny, posted a video hyping The Porcelain Challenge, wherever kids are seen to smashing their parents’ antique china, grinding it into a powder, and snorting it. This is not a shocking caller trend, though. It’s a joke, made amended by different TikTokers who responded by seeding the video connected Facebook, and making fake reports that TikTok was removing the videos due to the fact that kids were being hurt.

In a lawsuit of beingness imitating jokes, TikTok truly did prohibition Durfee from the site, region videos with the hashtags, and adjacent remove videos reporting that TikTok was removing videos. The message: Don’t effort to beryllium funny; TikTok is superior business.

Virtual strippers, the Metaverse, and NFTs collide successful an unholy high-tech nightmare

I don’t usually screen thing successful “The Metaverse,” due to the fact that I don’t truly recognize what it is, and virtually nary 1 uses it, but this story is simply a Russian nesting doll of high-tech horribleness that’s astatine slightest five-levels deep. It’s similar thing retired of a dystopian futurist’s worst acerb trip, conscionable excessively unspeakable to ignore. Let maine effort to explain:

TikTok videos (level one) are appearing that archer young men that they tin marque a ton of wealth if they go virtual (female) strippers successful The Metaverse (level two). According to the ads, successful bid to motion up for the highly-paid virtual enactment work, you indispensable sojourn a Discord (level 3) server. Those who worm this acold into the rotten pome yet larn it’s a bait-and-switch erstwhile they are directed to another Discord transmission that hypes immoderate fly-by-night NFT task (level 4). This each takes spot wrong the model of Western Capitalism (level 5).

I can’t carnivore to deliberation astir the modern satellite immoderate longer. Good bye. “I’m taking a woooooooock— to Poland.”