The Overlooked (but Serious) Symptoms of Menopause

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Generally speaking, menopause, which is defined arsenic going a afloat 12 months without a period, tin hap anytime ranging betwixt the precocious 30s to precocious 50s, with the average property being 52. In the clip play starring up to menopause, which is known arsenic perimenopause, the assemblage tin spell done a fig of changes, with this transitory play lasting an mean of 4 years. Even aft menopause ends, you’re inactive not done, arsenic symptoms tin persist for years after.

During this full process of menopause, 1 of the large changes is simply a decrease successful estrogen levels—it volition fluctuate successful the earlier stages, and past gradually decline. “Menopause is the backside of puberty,” said Erin Manning, a gynecologist astatine Houston Methodist Hospital.

These declining hormone levels origin a fig of symptoms, ranging from blistery flashes and nighttime sweats to temper changes and an accrued hazard of osteoporosis. “If you deliberation astir immoderate of the temper symptoms that spell on with puberty, immoderate of the aforesaid things travel on with the perimenopausal transition,” Manning said.

Menopause symptoms that are seldom discussed

In summation to the discomfort of blistery flashes and nighttime sweats, menopause besides brings with it a host of different annoying symptoms, including vaginal dryness oregon itching, symptom during intercourse, hairsbreadth loss, adust mouth, insomnia, and cognitive changes, specified arsenic brain fog, oregon an inability to concentrate. In the years starring up to menopause, periods tin either go precise irregular oregon they tin beryllium unusually heavy.

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Many women besides conflict with value gain, which is usually owed to a nonaccomplishment successful thin mass, which is known to alteration your metabolism. Menopause tin besides travel with a number of temper changes and an accrued hazard for processing anxiousness and depression. “The value summation and temper changes are usually what is slightest talked astir and tin beryllium the astir problematic,” Manning said.

Serious menopause symptoms that are often overlooked 

Hot flashes and nighttime sweats, portion annoying, aren’t having a superior effect connected your health. However, the declining levels of estrogen tin besides marque you much susceptible to immoderate superior conditions, including increasing your hazard for osteoporosis, oregon your hazard of processing bosom disease.

With some osteoporosis and bosom disease, estrogen seems to play a protective role. “When estrogen levels decrease, the hazard for bosom onslaught goes up,” said Michael Adler, an ob/gyn astatine UTHealth Houston and Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Menopause is besides erstwhile bone nonaccomplishment starts accelerating, which tin pb to osteoporosis. “You don’t spot excessively galore premenopausal women with osteoporosis,” Adler said. To offset this bony loss, it’s truly important to prosecute successful regular weight-bearing exercise, specified arsenic strength-training, to assistance fortify the bones.

Don’t skip retired connected your yearly wellness exams 

Once menopause has ended, it tin beryllium tempting to skip retired connected your yearly good sojourn with your ob/gyn. “Sometimes my patients neglect themselves,” Adler said. However, skipping an yearly good exam means “there mightiness beryllium immoderate unsafe things we whitethorn miss,” Adler said. Those unsafe things whitethorn see cervical cancer, bosom cancer, colon cancer, oregon the aboriginal stages of bony loss. “We privation radical surviving long, steadfast lives,” Adler said.