The real meaning of ‘bing bong’ – and why Knicks fans have coined the term

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The Knicks are disconnected to a reddish blistery commencement to the play and New York fans person latched connected to an absorbing chant — “Bing Bong.”

What does Bing Bong mean? That seems to beryllium the question of the hr adjacent for casual hoops fans, arsenic the catchphrase has gone viral — courtesy of Sidetalk, the verified Twitter relationship tally by a brace of NYU students.

The word “Bing Bong” caught velocity aft the Knicks’ 138-134 treble overtime triumph implicit the Celtics past week, erstwhile Sidetalk posted a video of screaming fans extracurricular Madison Square Garden.

At the .22 people successful the video, titled, “Knicks Season Opener,” Jordie Bloom says “Bing Bong” into a microphone, and the remainder is history. Fans rapidly adopted the term, which Bloom has been heard saying successful erstwhile Sidetalk videos.

But wherefore Bing Bong? In existent New York fashion, the two-word operation signifies the informing sound New York subway trains marque erstwhile the doors are closing.

The sound is besides what greets viewers successful the opening of each Sidetalk video.

Knicks stars, including newcomer Evan Fournier, person hopped connected the Bing Bong bandwagon.

“Great TEAM triumph contiguous !! Bing Bong!” Fournier tweeted aft the Knicks’ 112-99 triumph implicit the Sixers Tuesday.

Great TEAM triumph contiguous !!
Bing Bong!

— Evan Fournier (@EvanFourmizz) October 27, 2021

The Knicks utilized the phrase in a tweet last week that showed a clip of Obi Toppin dunking.

Chelsea FC’s United States followed, erstwhile the team’s Twitter relationship utilized the operation successful a video tweet of Thiago Silva shooting hoops with a shot ball.

The Orlando Magic attempted to mock Knicks fans by tweeting the phrase aft they pulled disconnected a 110-104 triumph against New York connected Sunday.

“It’s a double-reference that is 1. commonly said successful our Coney Island episodes and was invented by Coney Island rapper Nems and 2. is the dependable heard successful the Sidetalk intro,” creators Trent Simonian and Jack Byrne told Complex Sports successful a joint statement.

“Since it is simply a well-known Sidetalk notation and fans recognized america filming an occurrence extracurricular of the Knicks game, Jordie saw america and threw successful a ‘bing bong’ adlib. We added it into the Knicks occurrence arsenic a notation to our erstwhile episodes and it has since caught connected arsenic the Knicks’ unofficial slogan for the commencement of the season.”