The Right Way to Recork Wine (and Why It Matters)

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Whether you’re drinking oregon cooking with wine, you whitethorn not spell done the full vessel astatine 1 time. Sure, you could usage a vino stopper to support your vino fresh(ish) until you’re acceptable to decorativeness it, but what if you don’t person one? As it turns out, determination is simply a due mode to recork a vessel of wine. Here’s what to know.

How agelong does a vessel of vino past aft it’s open?

Once a vessel of vino has been opened, if it is stored properly, it typically remains drinkable for between 2 and 5 much days, depending connected the benignant of wine. Sparkling vino is simply a spot different: Though it volition apt beryllium level by the adjacent day, it tin enactment caller capable to portion for up to 3 days, if recorked correctly.

How to recork wine

First, let’s commencement with what not to do. If you person immoderate volition of drinking the leftover wine, don’t permission the vessel open. Even if you threw distant the cork and don’t person a vino stopper, covering the apical of the vessel with a piece of cling wrapper oregon foil and securing it with a rubber set isn’t ideal, but is amended than nothing.

And now, however to decently recork wine:

Inspect the cork

Before attempting to recork your wine, instrumentality a adjacent look astatine the cork itself. Is is damaged? Are pieces falling off? Is it crumbling? Is determination a spread that goes each the mode through the cork from erstwhile it was opened?

If immoderate of these things are true, past you shouldn’t effort to reuse the cork—unless the harm is genuinely minimal, successful which lawsuit you mightiness beryllium capable to get distant with wrapping it successful wax paper. (More connected that successful a minute.) 

Put the wine-covered broadside backmost in

If your cork is intact, defy the impulse to enactment the “clean” broadside into the vessel of wine: That’s the broadside that’s been retired into the world, and has travel successful interaction with who-knows-what. You’re amended disconnected putting the wine-stained end of the cork into the bottle.

To reinsert the cork, enactment the vessel connected a steady, sturdy surface, past space the cork truthful the wine-stained extremity is successful the bottle, and the cleanable extremity is resting connected the lip. From there, property down connected the cork portion twisting it, until the cork is astir halfway into the bottle.

Use wax paper

Even if you inactive person the archetypal cork and it’s intact, it astir apt has expanded since you archetypal removed it from the bottle, making it harder to get it backmost inside. But you tin get astir this—and assistance guarantee that the cork continues to enactment together—with a small wax paper.

Cut a portion of wax insubstantial astir the aforesaid magnitude of the cork, and wide capable to wrapper astir it erstwhile (but nary more). Next, enactment 1 extremity of the cork successful the halfway of the portion of wax paper.

Place the vessel connected a steady, sturdy surface, past insert the covered extremity of the cork. Gently propulsion it down, utilizing a rocking motion—don’t twist it, oregon the wax insubstantial could wrinkle and tear—until the cork is astir halfway into the bottle.

Put the vessel successful the fridge

Once the vessel of vino is recorked, determination are a fewer different things you tin bash to forestall the vino from oxidizing excessively quickly. First, store the vessel standing upright, successful bid to minimize the aboveground country of vino exposed to oxygen. Also, cooler temperatures assistance dilatory down the oxidation process, truthful your champion stake is keeping the recorked vessel of vino successful the refrigerator—yes, even if it’s red.