The Ritualists’ ‘Baroque & Bleeding’ Shows The Struggle Of ‘Understanding Yourself As An Artist’

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Exclusive Premiere

November 30, 2021 10:00AM EST

Under a blood-red light, The Ritualists conscionable astatine the crossroads of ‘narcissism’ and creativity successful their caller video, lone to observe that those passions fueling our creator travel are secretly ‘destructive.’

A writer sits successful the country of a chic underground party, engaged scribbling down thoughts and phrases into a notebook. As the revelers find themselves caught successful a drunken haze, successful she walks – the embodiment of inspiration, creativity made flesh. But, this avatar is shadowed by a hooded figure, 1 who carries a weapon successful 1 manus and nary mercy successful their heart. In “Baroque & Bleeding,” the caller video from gothic art-rockers The Ritualistspremiering present connected HollywoodLife – the spectator finds that sometimes, those creator insights travel astatine a price.

“This video is astir finding, accepting, and knowing yourself arsenic an creator and each the complexities that travel specified a realization,” pb vocalist/songwriter Christian Dryden tells HollywoodLife. “The video tries to conceptualize the conflict we spell done arsenic artists, personifying these issues with antithetic characters-each representing archetypes specified arsenic ‘the poet,’ ‘the star,’ ‘the muse,’ and adjacent the self-destructive/darker elements that oftentimes travel the creator manner & journey.” I judge each quality presented is an facet of the creator journey. Sometimes we consciousness similar inspired writers, sometimes we consciousness similar conquering stars, but sometimes we besides consciousness similar our passions are really destructive to ourselves and those astir us.”

“Stylistically, we wanted to seizure the ‘baroque’ elements with tons of ornate patterns, melodramatic colour contrasts, and thought-provoking imagery,” continues Dryden, who is joined by Jeffrey Andrew (keyboards), David Andreana (guitars), Ignacio Lecumberri (bass, guitars) and Eric Kuby (drums) to implicit the band. “The video besides plays with the ideas of narcissism that I deliberation are truthful applicable successful today’s satellite of societal media and to beryllium performers. I deliberation astir of america people travel to the enactment with a precocious grade of self-importance. Characters successful the video rapidly look and past disappear. Rooms spell from afloat to empty. This video benignant of uses this imagery to dissect the quality of this perceived ‘adoration,’ wherefore it’s happening, wherever it’s coming from, who it’s coming from, and is it adjacent really adoration astatine all.”

(Aramis Lupão)

Broke & Bleeding” viewers besides observe that The Ritualists are their caller favourite band. The video for the rubric way of their upcoming medium (out connected Dec. 3 via Suite 484 Music) showcases the band’s magnificent blend of acheronian stone and roll, stirring successful post-punk, goth, acerb rock, and a dash of aboriginal Brit-Pop. It’s a dependable that transcends clip and genres portion touching connected subjects similar faith, creativity, and love. It’s a precocious contender to your “Best Album of 2021” list, truthful clasp disconnected connected publishing your picks until aft Baroque & Bleeding drops this Friday.