The Thunder select two ‘Jalen’ Williams in the 2022 NBA Draft

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The adjacent signifier for the Thunder mightiness beryllium a spot confusing.

With the No. 12 prime successful Thursday’s 2022 NBA Draft, Oklahoma City selected Jalen Willams retired of Santa Clara. Then, successful the 2nd round, they went with Arkansas’ Jaylin Williams with the No. 34 pick.

The 2 person go precise acquainted with 1 different successful caller weeks.

“I talked to him [Jalen] astatine the NBA Draft Combine,” Jaylin told For The Win. “It was comic due to the fact that we had to bash a batch of interviews there. Somehow, adjacent though we could spell to each interrogation whenever we wanted, helium and I would ever extremity up successful the aforesaid country astatine the aforesaid time. We were ever like, ‘Bro, spell determination else!’

“He’s a truly chill dude and a truly large player. I ever saw his sanction and I would get tagged successful posts for him and I would ticker his highlights. I anticipation helium gets drafted ace high.”

Jalen did, and present they’ll get to enslaved adjacent futher.

Jalen WilliamsJalen WilliamsPhoto by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images
Jaylin WilliamsJaylin WilliamsPhoto by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Despite sharing their names, the Williamses caput to the Thunder arsenic precise antithetic players.

Jalen plays arsenic a helping and works arsenic an exceptional changeable creator – and has monolithic magnitude with a 7-foot-2 helping span. The 6-foot-6 guardant took a large leap during his inferior season, averaging 18 points per a game, compared to the 11.5 helium enactment up during his sophomore year.

Jaylin, meanwhile, works arsenic a jump-shooting halfway who has an instinctive passing ability. The Razorbacks merchandise averaged astir a double-double successful points and rebounds during his sophomore twelvemonth successful college. He besides enactment his 6-foot-10 assemblage connected the enactment for charges.

The Williamses bring a batch much than simliar names to Oklahoma City. They besides travel successful arsenic portion of an NBA Draft haul that includes No. 2 prime Chet Holmgren, giving the Thunder immoderate precise coagulated prospects — and immoderate precise casual sanction recognition.