The Titan arum flower has what gruesome nickname? The Saturday quiz

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The questions

1 Which struggle was sparked by a enactment implicit firearm cartridges?
2 Where was the Chirp font introduced successful August?
3 Reggaeton euphony originated connected which island?
4 Florence Lawrence was claimed to beryllium the archetypal what?
5 The Titan arum angiosperm has what gruesome nickname?
6 Which state dropped “Trans” from its sanction successful 1949?
7 Which novelist was Europe’s apical pupil debater?
8 What cognition is contained successful the Blue Book?
What links:
To beryllium cognizant; Japanese theatre; handless villain?
10 Qibla; mihrab; minbar; minaret?
11 Bilgewater; Ixtal; Noxus; Piltover; the Void?
12 Judith Sheindlin; Julius O’Riordan; Robert Rinder?
13 Bayonne; Black Forest; Speck; York?
14 In Another Land (bassist); Happy and You Got the Silver (guitarist)?
15 Denali; Kosciuszko; Kilimanjaro; Elbrus; Vinson?

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What’s successful the bluish book? Photograph: Grace Cary/Getty Images

The answers

1 Indian uprising (1857).
2 Twitter.
3 Puerto Rico.
4 Film star.
5 Corpse angiosperm (for its putrid aroma).
6 Jordan.
7 Sally Rooney.
8 London taxi drivers’ Knowledge.
9 Homophones: know; Noh theatre; Dr No.
10 Features of a mosque.
11 Regions successful League of Legends video game.
12 Media judges: Judge Judy; Judge Jules; Judge Rinder.
13 Ham varieties.
14 Rolling Stones songs with vocals not by Mick Jagger: Bill Wyman; Keith Richards.
15 Highest peaks connected continents: North America; Australia; Africa; Europe; Antarctica.