The Twitter Bots Everyone Should Follow

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Automated Twitter accounts are liable for a batch of spam, but determination are exceptions. Twitter really has immoderate large bots that adhd adjuvant features, similar adding colour to photos, solving puzzles, and taking screenshots of tweets. Here are 7 of our favorites.

Chessvision AI

If you’re a chess nerd, you should effort Chessvision’s Twitter bot. The adjacent clip you spot a screenshot of a chessboard connected Twitter, conscionable reply to the tweet with @ChessvisionAI scan and the AI bot volition archer you which broadside has a amended accidental of winning. You tin reply with scan white oregon scan black if you privation to archer the bot which broadside you privation to win, and the bot volition stock a solution, a nexus to an investigation of the board, and videos for you to larn more.


Viral Twitter threads tin beryllium unwieldy, truthful ThreadReader collects the full substance from immoderate Twitter thread and converts the tweets into a elemental article. Just reply to immoderate tweet with @threadreaderapp unroll and the bot volition bash the rest.

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Mann Magnets

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Interested successful space? Check retired Moonshot Bot, which tweets pictures from the Project Apollo Archive 4 times a day. It besides links to the Flickr page for the archive with each tweet, truthful you tin cheque retired much photos from NASA’s manned satellite missions whenever you like.


Whether it’s the commencement of a crippled oregon the opening of Black Friday sales, a bully reminder bot tin assistance you retrieve thing important. @RemindMe_OfThis is the champion reminder bot connected Twitter. Reply to immoderate tweet with @RemindMe_OfThis successful X days, wherever X is simply a number, and the bot volition reply to you connected schedule. Just retrieve to alteration notifications for replies to debar missing them. You tin besides inquire the bot to punctual you successful X minutes, hours, oregon years.


@Poet_This is simply a bot you should cheque retired for taking screenshots of tweets. Reply to immoderate tweet with @Poet_This, and the bot volition stock a screenshot of the tweet. You tin besides notation the bot on with a fewer keywords to customize however the screenshots look. If you privation to screenshot an full thread, notation the bot and usage the keyword all. In lawsuit you’re looking for alternatives, Screenshoter is worthy trying too.

Colorize Bot

The adjacent clip you privation a bot to adhd colour to a black-and-white photo, effort Colorize Bot. When you spot a tweet with immoderate benignant of media successful it, tag this bot successful the replies and it’ll present a recently colorized representation for you.


If you privation to download Twitter videos, you tin tag SaveVidBot successful the replies. It’ll make a nexus from which you tin download the video. If this bot hits a Twitter API limit, you tin effort an alternate specified arsenic DownloaderBot.