‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot Star EJ Williams Reveals Why It Was The ‘Perfect Time’ To ‘Remix’ ’90s Series

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Exclusive Interview

November 10, 2021 7:24PM EST

‘The Wonder Years’ got a ‘remix,’ according to the rebooted show’s caller starring young man, EJ Williams! He revealed to HL wherefore it’s arsenic applicable present arsenic it was successful the ’90s.

The Wonder Years has been brought backmost to television, implicit 30 years aft it archetypal aired connected ABC, and this clip around, it has a caller family, a caller connection and and a caller mission. The coming-of-age series, starring EJ Williams, archetypal premiered successful September, and continues to aerial to a wide assemblage of fans each Wednesday astatine 8:30 PM ET. Differing from the 1988 series, the “remixed” reboot follows the Williams family, who are Black middle-class residents of Montgomery, Alabama, done the constituent of presumption of imaginative 12-year-old Dean (Williams).

“There’s truthful overmuch going connected successful the world, and I privation radical to cognize that we are drafting to audiences of each ages, but the extremity of the day, I mean, everybody’s been 12 astatine slightest once. Right? So, for us, I would similar radical to spot that and conscionable the consciousness of normalcy we had,” EJ told HollywoodLife.com successful an EXCLUSIVE interview. “We privation you guys to spell backmost to those times, and not to spot the ‘bad; broadside of it… truly conscionable the mean broadside of mundane life.”

The bid highlights large events that took spot successful the ’60s, similar the assassination of Martin Luther King and desegregation, which are topics of conversation, mixed into the day-to-day elemental lives of the Williams family. “When radical deliberation of the ’60s, they automatically deliberation of civilian rights, but nary 1 truly thinks astir what the kids were really doing past oregon what beingness was like,” EJ explained. “With this version, this remix, we’re showing that we had ‘Wonder Year’ ourselves, we conscionable truthful hap to beryllium a antithetic benignant of family.”

EJ Williams. (Jesse Volk)

EJ added that helium wanted to marque definite radical didn’t deliberation of him arsenic a “copy” of Fred Savage and his archetypal quality of Kevin Arnold. “It was large to perceive a batch of antithetic perspectives from Fred erstwhile it came to the role, and what decidedly stood retired to maine the astir was him telling maine not to compartmentalize myself,” helium said. “The shows are similar, but not the same, but it’s large to beryllium capable to person that benignant of speech from histrion standpoint, with idiosyncratic who’s been my shoes and looking backmost connected it.”

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