These Apps and Sites Can Help Protect You From a Bad Landlord

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Unless you’re incredibly fortunate, your clip arsenic a renter has astir apt included a atrocious landlord oregon two. Whether they privation to support your deposit for questionable reasons oregon garbage to reply requests for repairs, determination are a fewer adjuvant apps and websites that tin get you retired of a sticky situation—or assistance you debar 1 from the get-go.

Deposit Defender

Some tenant extortion apps are for radical successful circumstantial cities oregon areas. However, this 1 tin assistance nary substance wherever you live. One of the biggest and astir communal battles a renter tin person with a landlord happens astatine the process extremity of the relationship—getting that deposit back. You know that stain was connected the carpet erstwhile you moved in, but present they privation you to instrumentality the blame—and prime up the cost.

However, Deposit Defender (on iOS and Android) lets you instrumentality pictures and grounds audio notes of a home’s information erstwhile you determination in, documenting impervious of however the existent authorities of things astatine the start.

1. Enter the spot details

After downloading the Deposit Defender app and creating a escaped account, the archetypal measurement is to participate the basal spot details. The signifier is straightforward and requires filling retired the property’s code and things similar the fig of bathrooms and bedrooms.

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2. Complete the country and amenities checklist

Next, you’ll corroborate the property’s features by selecting oregon deselecting items successful a checklist. For example, if your bath does not person an exhaust fan, oregon you brought a microwave erstwhile moving in, the app allows for specifying those things.

3. Add the desired photos and notes

Next, you’ll spot a database of each the selected rooms with yellowish notes and camera buttons to their right. Select the notes fastener to papers details astir each portion of the location with your phone’s talk-to-text keyboard enactment oregon by hand.

4. Save and download the report

Once you pat “Done,” the app auto-generates a PDF of the study to review. After you corroborate everything’s correct, prime the enactment to download it to your computer.


Life’s unpredictability tin mean you find yourself successful circumstances that marque it hard to wage rent—and lodging instability is adjacent worse if you person a atrocious landlord. Rentervention is simply a tract with a chatbot called Renny that tin steer you successful the close absorption during rental challenges. Rentervention’s creators initially built the web app for Chicago residents, but you tin usage the tract if you unrecorded elsewhere, too.

1. Enter a keyword oregon operation to explicate the problem

There is simply a a chatbox model you tin usage connected Rentervention’s homepage site—simply benignant a connection oregon operation related to your issue, specified arsenic “can’t wage rent,” “eviction” oregon “repairs.” If the chatbot doesn’t recognize the query, it’ll inquire you to effort again. Alternatively, it’ll supply a database of respective issues, specified arsenic “I don’t person immoderate heat, water, state oregon plumbing,” “My landlord locked maine out,” oregon “My landlord won’t hole problems successful my apartment.” Choose 1 to proceed.

2. Follow the prompts

The chatbot volition past corroborate your contented by saying thing like, “Am I knowing correctly that you’re dealing with an eviction?” Simply benignant “yes” oregon “no.” If you request to spell backmost to the erstwhile question astatine immoderate point, click the “Back” enactment successful the chatbot window.

Next, the chatbot volition clarify that rental laws alteration depending connected wherever you live, truthful it’ll inquire for your ZIP code.

3. Receive resources

Entering a Chicago-based ZIP codification gives you the website details of a section enactment that helps renters. Otherwise, the chatbot provides accusation for the astir due avenue for assistance based connected your location.


Many radical imagination of surviving successful the Big Apple and cognize it’ll outgo a batch to rent there. Rental prices fell during the pandemic but are rising again successful galore boroughs. The precocious costs go harder to carnivore erstwhile dealing with a atrocious landlord oregon persistent, prolonged flat issues.

An app called openigloo (on iOS and Android) aims to forestall specified situations. It provides a database of anonymous reviews specifically from NYC-based tenants—although the app’s developers accidental successful the website’s FAQ that it mightiness grow elsewhere eventually.

Start by entering a New York City address—typing the archetypal respective characters volition punctual a drop-down database appear, truthful you prime the close one. The spot listing with person respective colored bubbles adjacent the apical that springiness you immoderate speedy facts, specified arsenic the fig of evictions and whether the gathering has a past of bedbug issues, litigations, and unfastened violations.

Here you tin besides permission your ain reappraisal and find accusation astir the property’s managers, details astir their wide existent property ownership oregon absorption history, and different tenant reviews.

The tenant feedback conception has prima ratings for everything from sound levels to landlord responsiveness. If you determine to permission a review, determination are respective required fields, specified arsenic pros, cons, and your proposal to the spot owner. Making that accusation mandatory for a submission raises the likelihood that reviews volition supply genuinely adjuvant accusation to different aboriginal tenants.


This 1 is little astir protecting yourself from a atrocious landlord and much astir being prepared successful the lawsuit of different troubling circumstances, specified arsenic having your possessions stolen, damaged, oregon destroyed (in, say, a occurrence oregon flood). In those cases, having a wide catalog of those items tin assistance guarantee you tin retrieve oregon regenerate them accordingly.

That’s wherever the Encircle app (on iOS and Android) tin help; this location inventory app is escaped for homeowners and renters, and is afloat of adjuvant tools for maintaining a property. One of those tools makes it casual to papers the contents of your location for aboriginal reference; successful conjunction with your renter’s insurance, you’ll beryllium capable to taxable beardown claims to retrieve oregon regenerate your items.

Encircle allows you to grounds items with notes and photos via mobile and desktop for casual claims submission if you request to nonstop documentation to your renter’s security company. You tin besides usage the documentation for moving companies erstwhile you alteration apartments oregon determination into a caller home.