‘These aren’t my real teeth!’: seven readers on their scariest and silliest homemade Halloween costumes

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‘It took astir 2 months to turn the sideburns’

I wore this look to a Halloween location enactment successful 2004 – it took maine astir 2 months to turn the sideburns. I person nary thought what my enactment colleagues thought I was doing with my facial hair, but I ne'er cared. I based the plaid garment connected Teen Wolf, oregon An American Werewolf successful London, and the teeth, ears and eyebrows weren’t my own. It was a large party: Ghostbusters, witches, the Joker and the devil besides turned up. I’m not definite I was the scariest quality astatine the party; it was benignant implicit substance, but I’m pleased to accidental I didn’t aftermath up successful the section zoo. Dave, IT worker, Hereford

‘We christened it the Eater of Dreams’

Clare’s daughter’s ‘Eater of Dreams’ Halloween costume.
Clare’s daughter’s ‘Eater of Dreams’ Halloween costume. Photograph: Clare/Guardian Community

This is astir apt the astir terrifying Halloween costume my hubby ever constructed for our eldest daughter. They christened it the Eater of Dreams. The costume was lovingly hand-crafted utilizing papier-mache, a balloon and an aged shirt, and was wholly a merchandise of his imaginativeness (he says helium was improvising), though the effect is surely worthy of a creepy fearfulness movie. Our girl was six astatine the clip and we took her instrumentality oregon treating successful Berlin wherever we live. People connected the thoroughfare who caught show of her were decidedly freaked out! Clare, writer and originative penning lecturer, Berlin

‘Halloween is my Christmas’

Michael O’Brien’s Michael Myers.
Michael O’Brien’s Michael Myers. Photograph: Michael O'Brien/Guardian Community

My all-time favourite costume is Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. I’ve been dressing up arsenic him each Halloween for 8 oregon 9 years. The absorption from radical coming to my doorway for instrumentality oregon treating is truthful good. Some radical tally away, others conscionable laugh. Some adjacent similar to instrumentality selfies, which is ever a batch of fun. I deliberation much radical successful Australia should clasp this amusive clip of the year. Halloween is my Christmas. I emotion everything astir it. Michael O’Brien, attraction worker, Tasmania

‘I emotion a niche costume’

Laura’s Alien Resurrection costume.
Laura’s Alien Resurrection costume. Photograph: Laura/Guardian Community

I americium a immense Halloween instrumentality and person ever been into fearfulness and gore. I emotion transforming myself into thing unrecognisable. This costume was based connected a country from Alien Resurrection. I made the caput utilizing a motorcycle helmet arsenic a basal and covered it with wire, portion and liquid latex. The eyes were immoderate lenses from an aged brace of sunglasses and the remainder of the look was made from liquid latex and fabric wool. As always, it was a past infinitesimal unreserved to get it finished, truthful it didn’t precisely person the finesse I had dreamed of, but it was inactive benignant of hilarious and scary. I emotion a niche costume and I don’t deliberation a azygous idiosyncratic knew what I was, but I inactive spent the nighttime freaking radical out. I could hardly spot a happening arsenic the eyes kept steaming up. I besides struggled to acceptable done doors owed to the wide cardboard base, but that’s the terms you pay. Laura, china decorator, Bristol

‘I deed the streets with my husband, the walking dead’

Alejandro Allueva.
Alejandro Allueva. Photograph: Alejandro Allueva/Guardian Community

Halloween 2020 was our archetypal clip retired during the pandemic. This was a bridesmaid formal that I bought for £6 successful a secondhand shop; I dyed it achromatic and added immoderate pompoms. I besides got a yellowish garment from a foundation store and an aged pinkish wig from the attic. I enactment connected constitution and deed the streets of Wood Green with my husband, the walking dead. It was specified fun. Alejandro Allueva, pastry chef, London

‘Kids travel to our beforehand gait to spot Maleficent each year’

Selina McGrath’s Maleficent costume.
Selina McGrath’s Maleficent costume. Photograph: Selina McGrath/Guardian Community

A fewer years ago, I committed to Maleficent and present I get kids travel to our beforehand gait to spot her each Halloween. I’ve worn this acceptable of horns each twelvemonth for what seems an eternity. The costume is simply a mashup of outfits. I bought immoderate achromatic apparel and sewed oregon glued connected the feathers. Small kids are suitably taken aback, asking if it’s my existent house, my existent chapeau and my existent face. Some won’t adjacent travel adjacent the gate. Selina McGrath, artist, Sydney, Australia

‘The shells stank retired the kitchen, but it was worthy it’

Jodie Pride.
Jodie Pride. Photograph: Jodie Pride/Guardian Community

I emotion creating my Halloween looks retired of things I already person oregon tin find successful foundation shops. They’re ever unique, outgo little and are amended for the environment. My favourite was a oversea carnal from 2019. It took weeks, and I enjoyed each portion of the process. I checked eBay perpetually for the cleanable lacy blue-grey dress, and collected tons of shells from a formation successful Tenby to adorn it with. They stank retired the kitchen, but it was worthy it! I besides made a crown with much shells, and fashioned fins utilizing wire, mesh and liquid latex. My favourite part, though, was the makeup. I wanted thing that was a spot spooky, but besides benignant of glam – similar if Lana Del Rey were a beached sea-hag princess. Jodie Pride, selling manager, Cardiff