This $150M Hamptons estate is trying once more to find a buyer

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la dune southampton mansion lists again This oceanfront spot has been connected and disconnected the marketplace since 2016, and it's trying again to onshore a high-net-worth caller owner.

What does it instrumentality to merchantability a multimillion-dollar Hamptons home? In the lawsuit of this $150 cardinal listing, it seems to beryllium time.

A sprawling Southampton compound has been connected and disconnected the marketplace since 2016 — and if it trades hands for its chill asking price, it would crush an all-time grounds for the tony East End. 

The 21,000-square-foot, 4.2-acre oceanfront property known arsenic La Dune boasts a sunken tennis court, 2 swimming pools and 2 houses with a combined 19 bedrooms and much than 16 bathrooms — each acceptable connected 2 adjoining tons boasting much than 400 feet of bulkhead beachfront betwixt them. 

“This location is the furthest happening from a tear-down, but if the location wasn’t here, this batch alone, each 1 of them would beryllium worthy $50 million,” listing broker Shawn Elliott of Nest Seekers — who holds the listing with Geoff Gifkins — told CNBC of the expansive property, which re-listed successful August for its existent summons price.

la dune southampton mansion lists againAn aerial presumption of the property.CNBC
la dune southampton mansion lists againThe adjoining tons person 400 feet of bulkhead beachfront betwixt them.CNBC
la dune southampton mansion lists againA location theatre wrong the compound.CNBC

The outlet added that, beyond the dispersed struggling to merchantability implicit the years, the imaginable excavation of buyers is constricted — and nine-figure income successful the Hamptons are rare. “You are genuinely connected the 50-yard enactment of thing but wealth,” Elliott aboriginal added, arsenic the spot stands connected ultra-exclusive Gin Lane. 

And arsenic for the large asking price, Elliott told CNBC it’s not for attention.

“I judge this is, 100%, a precise realistic terms constituent to pull buyers successful this marketplace,” helium added.

la dune southampton mansion lists againThe spot features 2 pools.CNBC
la dune southampton mansion lists againThe listing has 19 bedrooms total. CNBC
The property  boasts eye-catching archutecture.The property boasts eye-catching archutecture.CNBC

The home’s owner, creation mag steadfast and collector Louise Blouin archetypal listed the property for $140 cardinal with a antithetic brokerage successful 2016.

Back then, determination were nary takers — but the spot implicit the years has been disposable arsenic a summertime rental. This year, staying determination for 1 period would tally $1.2 million, CNBC adds.

Still, implicit the people of those years, Blouin has had different issues.

la dune southampton mansion lists againThe property is acceptable connected 4.2 acres and has abstraction aplenty for plush seating areas.CNBC
la dune southampton mansion lists againThe homes unneurotic measurement successful astatine 21,000 quadrate feet.CNBC
A billiards space.A billiards space.CNBC

CNBC notes she faced a imaginable foreclosure and bankruptcy tribunal proceedings to support power of the estate. In August, she brought the offering backmost to marketplace for this higher sum.

The existent trophy-holder for the priciest merchantability successful the Hamptons is $137 million. That was acceptable successful 2014 and was a merchantability for 3 contiguous tons moving crossed 16 acres successful East Hampton. Only 5 Hamptons homes successful past person ever gone for much than $100 million, according to Jonathan Miller, president of existent property appraisal institution Miller Samuel, CNBC added.