This is the real reason Abby Huntsman left ‘The View’

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abby huntsman the presumption    quit Abby Huntsman's past time arsenic a co-host connected "The View" successful January 2020. ABC

Abby Huntsman is yet giving her honorable rear-view of “The View”

When the high-profile blimpish co-host near the amusement successful January 2020, she claimed it was to assistance her father, Republican person Jon Huntsman Jr., with his Utah gubernatorial campaign. 

However, successful her caller podcast “I Wish Somebody Told Me,” the 35-year-old has revealed the existent crushed for her departure: The show’s workplace environment, she explains successful the show’s archetypal episode, retired Thursday, “did not bespeak my values” and was “rewarding radical for atrocious behavior.” 

The crushed confirms rumors that dispersed crossed societal media astatine the clip of her departure, with galore “The View” watchers guessing that, contempt her purported governmental plans, Huntsman was truly feeling the crush of the “toxic” situation which besides caused Meghan McCain to quit

While Huntsman promises she’s “never going to constitute a tell-all book” she makes wide successful the podcast that she blames the “executives successful charge” for creating an situation obsessed with “money and the tabloids … You would spot radical enactment successful ways that were not okay, that was precise overmuch portion of the toxic situation of ‘The View,’ and present we were going connected the aerial criticizing others for toxic culture,” Deadline reported.

It was existent that she went to enactment for her begetter aft leaving, lone she’d already made up her caput to resign erstwhile helium reached retired to her astir the accidental connected her campaign. 

The infinitesimal she near the set, she realized that her determination to permission the amusement had been a bully one.

“When I was walking retired of the gathering that day, I was surviving again,” she said. “I could respire and consciousness myself breathing. I was contiguous and I hadn’t been contiguous for the astir 2 years I was there.”

The podcast comes connected the heels of McCain’s caller publication “Bad Republican” which includes tales of in-fighting betwixt amusement co-hosts. Huntsman and McCain notoriously clashed portion connected the show, contempt being aged friends. 

abby huntsman the presumption    quitLike her workfellow Meghan McCain earlier her, Huntsman says the existent crushed she near the amusement was the “toxic” enactment environment.ABC