Thought Surveillance Tech Launches This Year; China Could Trigger War Ahead of 2025

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Tools to show your encephalon enactment are acceptable to merchandise this year, and already determination are groups proposing however it tin beryllium utilized by businesses to show the thoughts of employees, and by instrumentality enforcement to spot imaginable criminals. The exertion and its imaginable uses were discussed astatine the caller World Economic Forum gathering successful Davos, Switzerland.

Meanwhile, a four-star wide successful the U.S. Air Force sent a memo to his officers, informing that the United States could beryllium astatine warfare with China by 2025. The informing comes alongside quality that American subject enactment to Ukraine has drained its subject stockpiles.

In this unrecorded Q&A with Crossroads big Joshua Philipp, we’ll sermon these stories and others, and reply questions from the audience.