Three things with Adam Spencer: ‘I’m nowhere near an Adonis type but I love to throw some steel’

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To Australians of a definite age, Adam Spencer volition ever beryllium the feline from the Triple J meal show. For six years from 1999, helium and Wil Anderson started their time with the nationalist younker broadcaster, earlier Spencer went to helm that primetime slot connected 702 ABC Sydney.

Outside his vigor gigs, Spencer is simply a self-described maths geek who has written 7 books connected the endless possibilities of numbers. He is besides large connected science, an involvement that volition travel successful useful erstwhile helium tours the state with US astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson successful July. The brace program to sermon spacey topics similar the likelihood of discovering different beingness connected different planets.

In his downtime, Spencer keeps engaged with his “favourite toy” – a seat property rack helium installed during lockdown. Here, helium tells america wherefore he’s dedicated to really utilizing his gym kit, arsenic good arsenic the communicative of 2 different important idiosyncratic belongings.

What I’d prevention from my location successful a fire

A woody  furniture  filled with crystalware
‘It would beryllium a bugger to get retired successful a occurrence but I’d springiness it a existent crack’: the china furniture that erstwhile belonged to Spencer’s parents.

I person a furniture successful my surviving country wherever we support immoderate crystalware and precise fancy plates. When I was increasing up, it was the “china cabinet” and we were regularly sanctioned by Mum and Dad if we went adjacent it. “Don’t you interaction the china cabinet. That’s wherever the bully worldly is!”

After Dad died and Mum moved into a new, smaller apartment, she was going to get escaped of it. I borrowed a van, wrapped it successful blankets and commenced a precarious 90-minute drive. Only erstwhile I’d installed it safely successful my location did Mum fuss to notation it had been a wedding acquisition for her and Dad, making it each the much sentimental. It would beryllium a bugger to get retired successful a occurrence but I’d springiness it a existent crack.

My astir utile object

During lockdown, I installed a superior seat property rack successful my garage. It’s surely my favourite artifact close present and if I usage it diligently, I deliberation it volition beryllium truly important.

A seat  property   successful  a room
‘I can’t hold to enslaved with him implicit deadlifts’: Spencer and his 15-year-old stepson.

Now, I’m obscurity adjacent the chiselled Adonis types you spot strutting their worldly down the beachside promenades successful summertime but I emotion taking an hr present and past to propulsion immoderate alloy around.

The probe suggests that erstwhile radical get older, they don’t workout capable and if they bash they thin to walk, possibly aquatics but they halt moving connected their strength. I’m truly committed to holding a small spot of signifier successful this country for arsenic agelong arsenic I can.

Plus I’m precocious married, which means I’ve gone and got myself a 15-year-old stepson. I can’t hold to enslaved with him implicit deadlifts.

The point I astir regret losing

This 1 hurts. When I was successful twelvemonth five, I went to a caller school, which progressive catching a bus. There was a bookshop adjacent the autobus halt and I’d prevention up my 50 cents pouch wealth each week. Once a period oregon so, I’d bargain the latest Doctor Who book. I had them all: the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Pyramids of Mars. I accumulated astir 50 books.

When I moved retired of home, I junked them and 25 years later, my eldest girl went done a large Doctor Who phase. I tin inactive retrieve the pang of regret erstwhile I realised I couldn’t bring down a dusty aged container and bequeath her my Time Traveller library.