Throw Your Onions in the Trash, CDC Says

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When we navigator with onions, we spell successful knowing that there’s a decent accidental that chopping them earthy may origin america to shed immoderate tears. But we mostly don’t expect unending diarrhea, a fever, and tummy cramps. Unfortunately, hundreds of radical crossed the state person been experiencing digestive distress acknowledgment to Salmonella infections they got from eating onions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this is not a recall, but alternatively a “food information alert.” Here’s what to cognize astir the problematic onions, including however to archer if you should propulsion retired the ones you person astatine home.

What to cognize astir the Salmonella outbreak

The astir caller information disposable connected the outbreak is from Oct. 18, 2021, astatine which constituent determination were 652 reported cases of Salmonella corruption crossed 37 states, including 129 hospitalizations—but fortunately nary fatalities—resulting from the ongoing Salmonella outbreak linked to onions, the CDC reports.

However, the CDC notes that the existent fig is apt overmuch higher, arsenic those with mild cases whitethorn not study their illness, and it usually takes three to 4 weeks to find if a sick person’s unwellness tin beryllium connected with an outbreak.

Where did these onions travel from?

The CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are actively investigating the root of the outbreak, but arsenic acold we know, it whitethorn see fresh, full red, white, and yellowish onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico and distributed by ProSource Inc.

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According to ProSource Inc., the onions were past imported to the United States connected August 27, 2021, but due to the fact that they tin past successful retention for up to 3 months, it’s imaginable they’re inactive connected the shelves successful supermarket nutrient sections crossed the country.

How to archer if your onions are harmless to eat

So however bash you cognize if your onions mightiness marque you sick? Start by checking immoderate full red, white, oregon yellowish onions to spot if they person a sticker connected them, oregon travel successful branded packaging. If so, and if the sticker indicates that the nutrient was imported from Chihuahua, Mexico and distributed by ProSource Inc., the CDC says to propulsion them out.

If your onions don’t have a sticker oregon travel successful packaging that tells you wherever they originated, the CDC besides advises throwing those out, conscionable to beryllium safe. And for the clip being, erstwhile purchasing caller onions from the store, the CDC recommends sticking with ones that person a sticker oregon packaging indicating that they are not from Chihuahua/ProSource Inc.

Finally, if you person immoderate of the outbreak onions successful your home, marque definite to lavation immoderate surfaces and/or containers they whitethorn person touched. The CDC suggests doing this utilizing blistery soapy h2o oregon a dishwasher.