Tibet: 70 Years of Occupation Becoming Forgotten

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On Sept. 30, 2021, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), the government-in-exile of Tibet, released a papers entitled “Tibet: 70 Years of Occupation and Oppression.” This papers details Tibet’s fascinating but bittersweet communicative from past times to today, but concentrates connected the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) concern and brutal oppression.

The People’s Liberation Army of China invaded Tibet from 1949 to 1951, adjacent though Tibet was an autarkic authorities and exhibited each the required elements of statehood. It had a territory, a population, and a government.

Even a perfunctory survey of the past of Tibet reveals that historically, it was ne'er a portion of China.

Of course, during its history, Tibetan rulers developed relationships with successive Chinese (and different Asian) regimes. But, unfortunately, the CCP has misinterpreted these relationships arsenic “laying a coagulated instauration for the eventual founding of a unified nation.”

This is the benignant of logic that would warrant the penetration and concern of immoderate state due to the fact that it distorts a Treaty of Friendship to abrogate its sovereignty.

The document, released by the CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations, besides refers to the Adhesion Agreement concluded successful 1906 betwixt the Manchu authorities of China and the authorities of the United Kingdom.

These governments signed the statement “without the information oregon cognition of Tibetan authorities,” and it “recognised the beingness of British sphere of power successful Tibet and introduced a conception of Manchu’ suzerainty’ implicit Tibet.”

Epoch Times Photo This photograph taken during a authorities organised media circuit successful Lhasa, China’s cardinal Tibet Autonomous Region, connected May 31, 2021, shows monks having a locomotion aft the people astatine the Tibet Autonomous Region Buddhist College. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images)

The infamous 17-Point Agreement, signed successful 1951 betwixt representatives of the Tibetan authorities and the communist state, ostensibly presented arsenic a communal agreement, was thing much than a unilateral ultimatum drawn up by China.

This CTA papers is important for respective reasons. First, it conveniently documents the egregious violations of quality rights by the CCP successful Tibet. Second, it reveals the spectacular contempt of the CCP for the exertion of accepted rules of planetary instrumentality regarding the sovereignty of Member States and the extortion of cardinal rights. Third, it points to the intentions of the CCP with regards to Taiwan, which it seeks to conquer by force.

With regards to quality rights, the CTA work documents the CCP’s Orwellian surveillance strategies successful Tibet; the marginalisation of the Tibetan language; the disruption of the spiritual traditions, including the Buddhist content successful reincarnation and rebirth; the adulterated nutrient supplies and the beingness of a precarious wellness system; the signifier of torture; and the wholesale biology devastation and degradation.

In addition, determination are reports of self-immolation, particularly since the failed uprising of 2008, precipitated by monks who called for state for Tibet and demanded the instrumentality of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The astir precocious reported self-immolation protestation by a 26-year-old Tibetan named Shurmo happened connected Sept. 17, 2015. The CTA estimates that determination person been 155 known cases of self-immolation.

Currently, determination is nary state of question successful Tibet. In this context, the papers states that question “is systematically violated with the imposition of explicit restrictions, including section directives prohibiting overseas travel, passport confiscations, and issuing of threats and intimidations to Tibetans successful Tibet against travelling.”

Freedom House ranks Tibet arsenic the slightest escaped portion successful the world. This surely reflects the appalling attraction of Tibetans wrong Tibet.

It is simply a portion that is efficaciously off-limits to journalists and outsiders, and hence, it is an impenetrable fortress.

Epoch Times Photo Pro-Tibetan demonstrators commune for quality rights successful Tibet during a protestation extracurricular the Chinese consulate successful Sydney, Australia, connected March 18, 2008. (Anoek De Groot/AFP via Getty Images)

The Chinese Constitution, with its awesome database of cardinal rights, is meaningless due to the fact that the Communist Party trumps everything.

This is abundantly wide erstwhile speechmaking Article 4 of the constitution, which vacuously states that China “protects the …  interests of the number nationalities and upholds and develops a narration of equality, unity, and communal assistance among each of China’s nationalities” and that oppression of immoderate nationality is prohibited.

It besides stipulates that “All nationalities person the state to usage and make their ain spoken and written languages and to sphere oregon betterment their ain folkways and customs.”

China’s concern of Tibet violates Article 2(4) of the Charter of the United Nations, which expressly requires subordinate states to “refrain successful their planetary relations from the menace oregon usage of unit against the territorial integrity oregon governmental independency of immoderate state.”

Similarly, Article 1(1) of the International Covenant connected Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights confirms that “All peoples person the close of self-determination. By virtuousness of that right, they freely find their governmental presumption and freely prosecute their economic, societal and taste development.”

An absorbing facet of the papers seeks to explicate the CCP’s interests successful the concern of Tibet. The authors suggest that the reasons are strategical and geopolitical alternatively than cultural.

China ever regarded Tibet arsenic the backdoor into China. Therefore, its conquest would not lone connection extortion to China but besides alteration it to unafraid entree to the full of Asia. Also, Tibet is minerals-rich, which whitethorn person been a crushed for China’s involvement successful Tibet.

The papers concludes that the concern “was purely strategical successful quality and is driven by China’s expansionist ambition.”

The papers is an indispensable reminder of what could hap to a radical erstwhile the planetary assemblage allows oregon adjacent condones the rapacious behaviour of an assertive country.

Epoch Times Photo Tibetan Buddhist monks be people during a authorities organised a sojourn to the Buddhist College of the Tibet Autonomous Region successful Qushui County, extracurricular Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, connected May 31, 2021. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

After 70 years, fewer radical successful the West callback the past of Tibet and, by their ignorance, lend to the corporate amnesia suffered by radical successful general.

As corporate representation fades aft specified a agelong time, reminding radical of this sordid saga of aggression becomes necessary. It besides serves arsenic a harbinger of what China mightiness person successful caput for Taiwan.

The planetary assemblage tin frankincense larn from Tibet’s concern and oppression to hole itself decently for the defence of a antiauthoritarian Taiwan.

The speechmaking of this papers volition pass and energise radical with an involvement successful planetary affairs, planetary law, and the decent and civilian enactment betwixt the nations of the world.

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Professor Gabriël A. Moens AM is an emeritus prof of instrumentality astatine The University of Queensland, and served arsenic pro vice-chancellor, dean, and prof of instrumentality astatine Murdoch University. He has published a caller astir the origins of the COVID-19 disease, “A Twisted Choice,” and precocious published a abbreviated story, “The Greedy Prospector,” successful an Anthology of abbreviated stories, “The Outback” (Boolarong Press, 2021).