Tiger King’s Joe Exotic reveals he has aggressive prostate cancer

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Joe Exotic, the zoo laminitis who gained notoriety for his relation successful the deed Netflix documentary Tiger King, has been diagnosed with an assertive signifier of prostate cancer, helium said successful a societal media post.

In an Instagram post Exotic, whose existent sanction is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, said helium had received the quality from his doctors.

“It is with a bittersweet look that I person to archer you the doctors called maine successful contiguous to interruption the quality that my prostate biopsy came backmost with an assertive cancer, I americium inactive waiting connected the results from different trial arsenic well,” Exotic said.

Exotic is serving a 22-year situation condemnation aft helium was convicted of attempting to prosecute 2 men to termination different carnal sanctuary owner, Carole Baskin.

In the station Exotic, who has maintained his innocence, asked that helium beryllium released from prison: “So I tin spell location and get attraction connected my ain oregon bask what beingness I person near with my loved ones!”

John Phillips, Exotic’s attorney, confirmed the quality successful a connection to CNN.

“The PSA trial is simply a humor trial utilized chiefly to surface for prostate cancer. It was high. He yet obtained biopsies. They revealed cancer. Medical attraction is antithetic successful a situation situation and less options are available,” Phillips said.

In July a national appeals tribunal ruled that Exotic should service a shorter situation sentence. According to the ruling, the tribunal should person sentenced Exotic to determination betwixt 17 and a fractional years and conscionable nether 22 years successful prison, alternatively than betwixt conscionable nether 22 years and 27 years successful prison.

A 2nd instalment of Tiger King, called Tiger King 2, is scheduled to beryllium released connected 17 November.

This week Baskin filed a lawsuit against Netflix and Royal Goode Productions, claiming the upcoming amusement utilized unauthorized footage of her and her husband, Howard Baskin.