TikTok Moves US User Data to Oracle Servers

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NEW YORK/WASHINGTON—TikTok said it has completed migrating accusation connected its U.S. users to servers astatine Oracle Corp, successful a determination that could code U.S. regulatory concerns implicit information integrity connected the fashionable abbreviated video app.

The move, which was archetypal reported by Reuters, comes astir 2 years aft a U.S. nationalist information sheet ordered genitor institution ByteDance to divest TikTok due to the fact that of fears that U.S. idiosyncratic information could beryllium passed connected to China’s communist government.

TikTok is 1 of the world’s astir fashionable societal media apps, with much than 1 cardinal progressive users globally, and counts the U.S. arsenic its largest market.

The United States has been progressively scrutinizing app developers implicit the idiosyncratic information they handle, particularly if immoderate of it involves U.S. subject oregon quality personnel.

The bid to merchantability disconnected TikTok was not enforced aft Joe Biden succeeded Donald Trump arsenic U.S. president past year.

The panel, known arsenic the Committee connected Foreign Investment successful the United States (CFIUS), however, has continued to harbor concerns implicit information information astatine TikTok that ByteDance is present hoping to address, Reuters antecedently reported.

The White House had nary contiguous remark portion the U.S. Treasury declined to comment.

In March, Reuters reported that TikTok was nearing a woody for Oracle Corp to store its U.S. users’ information.

Oracle had discussed acquiring a number involvement successful TikTok successful 2020, erstwhile ByteDance was nether U.S. unit to merchantability the app. The unreality computing elephantine present stores each of TikTok’s U.S. idiosyncratic information connected Oracle information servers successful the United States nether the caller partnership, TikTok said.

Oracle declined to comment.

Data Security Team

TikTok had antecedently been storing its U.S. idiosyncratic information astatine its ain information centers successful Virginia, with a backup successful Singapore. It volition present delete backstage information connected U.S. users from its ain information centers and trust afloat connected Oracle’s U.S. servers, it said.

The Virginia and Singapore centers are inactive being utilized to backmost up the data, the institution said.

TikTok has besides acceptable up a dedicated U.S. information information squad known arsenic “USDS” arsenic a gatekeeper for U.S. idiosyncratic accusation and ringfencing it from ByteDance, a institution spokesperson told Reuters.

Led by Andrew Bonillo, who was an enforcement astatine TikTok’s planetary information department, the USDS presently reports to TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, the spokesperson said.

The institution is discussing a operation nether which the squad would run autonomously and not beryllium nether TikTok’s power oregon supervision, a root told Reuters.

Another elder enforcement astatine USDS is Will Farrell, who was antecedently moving nether TikTok’s Chief Security Officer Roland Cloutier. The USDS squad includes contented moderation personnel, engineers, and members from idiosyncratic and merchandise operations.

ByteDance is 1 of China’s fastest increasing startups. It owns the country’s starring quality aggregator, Jinri Toutiao, arsenic good arsenic TikTok’s Chinese counterpart Douyin.

In June 2021, Biden withdrew Trump-era enforcement orders that sought to prohibition caller downloads of WeChat and TikTok. The Commerce Department is penning caller rules connected app information information that could perchance pb to restrictions connected however apps based overseas usage U.S. idiosyncratic information oregon adjacent prohibition apps deemed superior information risks.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said past twelvemonth the medication is “very superior astir protecting Americans’ data,” but criticized Trump’s approach.

“Doing immoderate enforcement bid that’s meaningless connected TikTok is not the mode to bash it,” she said.

By Echo Wang and David Shepardson